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Arden Sylvain

238 ✦ He/Him ✦ Libra (Oct. 17th)

"LOOK I'M A TARGET!!!" -Arden Sylvain, on fire, seconds before falling into shark-infested waters


Arden Sylvain is an elf who likes traveling, learning, and interacting with other cultures. He does have a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later since he doesn't have the luxury of good AC or HP, but hopefully his party members will restrain some of that aspect in him.


A determined, intelligent cowardly elf boy.

He refuses to target people who can't afford the harm it will cause them.

His bad habit is probably underestimating his worth as a member of the team and his strength in general.

He prides himself on his book smarts and as such hates being wrong only more than he hates not knowing something.

  • Books
  • Fire
  • Knowing more than others
  • Feeling powerful
  • Sharks
  • Shiver (Fantasy Opium)
  • Yara Faern (Tree)
  • Professor Mayday
  • False Slayers


Born in the isolationist druidic elven tribe of the Mierani Forest, far north of Corvosa, Arden always had a love of learning, going to great lengths to soak up all knowledge within his reach like a sponge. Hoping to impress his parents who he'd always looked up to; he tried to understand the druid's elemental magics but repeatedly failed.

One day, a traveling adventurers party defended his village from necrotic forces that threatened the natural life they held sacred. The druids were still leery of intruders but they owed the adventurers a debt and tended to their wounds, allowing them to set up camp for a while. Their Mage took it upon himself to repay their kindness by holding a magic show and entertain the village children, juggling fire, casting disco lights and using ghost sound to back himself with the music of a whole band. Arden was stunned (how could a non-druid command the elements?) and he begged the man to teach him after the show and to his shock, he agreed!

They got to work, starting with learning the basics and eventually being gifted a beginner's magic manual the adventurer had picked up on his journeys. Arden was ecstatic! By the end of the week, he'd mastered his first cantrip and was well on his way to teaching himself a second, noting everything he learned in his own spellbook, just like the Mage had shown him. One day though, he was practicing his magics with a close friend cheering him on, but he got a bit cocky and attempted to cast a spell he had no way of casting correctly... Burning Hands, he scarcely read the entry in the manual before repeating the incantation and gestures wrong. Setting fire to fifteen feet of forest in front of him instantly, which quickly spread, multiplying the damage caused. His friend was horrified, running to the druid elders as Arden ran from the woods and never looked back. It may have been a mistake, but it was also sacrilege.

Eventually he found himself on the doorstep of the Arcanium, already a reasonably skilled wizard, however he had much to learn. Through Mayday's sponsorship and the work-study program, Arden's been able to go to school so long as he runs missions and does chores for Mayday. Thankfully, being in Delilah's employ has lessened his responsibilities in that regard or he'd still be sorting scrolls in the library.

T.K. the Cleric

The blessed Platinum Dragonborn of Bahamaut. Ms. Thraltor is very nice to Arden and generally watches his back in combat, but she also calls in favors to get him and Armahl to babysit her half brother who's an edgy rogue kobold and a handful to say the least. TK tries her best to be there for the party as a whole, but she's stretched thin as the primary healer and emotional support on top of her own problems. Of everyone left alive, Arden would go to her first for help.

Sjir the Fighter

Grubby Dwarvish Tavern Brawler and Eldritch Knight. Interpreted Elvish and Dwarvish for him and Tree for a while, only to have to tell Sjir that Yara regards him as a particularly faithful dog. Also Sjir's apparently King??? The fuck? As Sjir and Arden fall deeper into their own woes, a strange comradery emerges. They don't really talk about what's bothering them, so much as they just sit together late at night and pointedly reminsce about time when they were unfettered by such worries.

Armahl the Slayer

A kind hearted and wise Goliath who was Arden's favorite person. The duo have overcome many challenges together, like fighting back to back in the underdark gladitorial arenas twice and babysitting Lux. During that time, Armahl stayed in Arden's room and the two became close. Arden even researched Slayers for a project at the Arcanum because of him. Now Armahl is dead and Arden blames no one more than himself. Recently, he's decided to follow Armahl down the path of the Slayer.

Deliah Duskglow, Sorcerer

His former employer who promoted him to ArchMage. Despite both being arcane spellcasters, Deliah never had to study her magics and Arden's a little jealous of her for that. However, he prides himself on being able to learn new spells where she cannot. The two stand close on the battle field as they hurl elemental magics from the backlines. Though recently, they've been at odds, seemingly unable to agree on anything. When Deliah insists on full frontal attacks, Arden's arguing for a tactical retreat. When Arden wants to infiltrate an enemy archive, Deliah suggests bolstering city defenses. Arden finds her bossy, but that's probably just because she's a spoiled noble.

Fluff the Druid

A circle of the Moon Firbolg multi-classing Monk, Fluff is a generally gentle giant who can pack a surprising punch when it's called for. Arden's highkey kind of scared of Fluff, mostly because he's a druid, but also because he could break Arden in half without a second thought. This is hysterical, because Fluff actually likes and frequently defends the little shit. Hopefully, one day, Arden will realize that Fluff doesn't want to kill him.

Ingram the Ionar Paladin

Wolf and Arden got along well. Aside from the whole murdering his bully by ripping the man's throat out with his teeth. Wolf was like a child and Arden didn't mind babysitting, after all, Wolf was easier and far kinder than Lux! But Ingram's a different story. Ingram cleaves through enemies with unnatural force, the likes of which Arden's never seen before and it horrifys him. This is the resolve of a man who knows he's the sainted champion of his god; a man on a singular mission that he must succeed in to return to his eternal rest. And that? That is absolutely terrifying. Arden might not believe in gods, but Ingram can put the fear of one into him.

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