Chairo the Lion



2 months, 12 days ago


Name: Chairo

Meaning of name: "Tawny in Japanese

Male (he/him)

Residence: Panja's Jungle

Personality: Independant, reckless and well-meaning


Chairo is the son of Rune. He is the eldest of the triplets. Although the royal etiquette said nothing concerning the selection of a heir in Panja's Jungle, Chairo, as the first tawny male offspring in the line of white lion, assumed that his fur colour disqualified him as a suitable emperor. However, he didn't let this get in the way of his aspirations of peace and justice: he was fully content protecting the jungle for no benefits of his own.

Because he doesn't identify as a royal, Chairo is vary casual and improper. He is also impulsive and reckless. Although Chairo likes getting things done quickly, he is also always prepared to take on his role as oldest brother and lend an ear or a shoulder to lean on.

Chairo was previously named "Fuwa", which meant Discord. The name was changed as it no longer suited his character.

Hokori (means "Pride")

Hokori is Chairo's brother. He is the spiting image of his father, unlike his two siblings who have yellow eyes and no markings. Hokori believes that he is the definite heir to the role of emperor, seeing as he is male and also has white fur.  This makes him arrogant and entitled towards his siblings. However, he pressures himself into being just like his forefathers, completely disregarding his own interests and desires. This pressure makes him irritable and stand-offish. (Note: Hokori might get a gallery of his own once I tweak his design a bit to stand out from Rune.)