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"I’m always happy to provide help with anything."


【Name】 Armond Eledar
【Age】 48
【Gender】 Male (cis)
【Pronouns】 He/Him
【Species】 70% Human 30% Elf
【Birthday】 April 17th
【Guild Rank】 A

【Occupation】 Bookstore Owner/Magic Researcher
【Orientation】 Straight
【Tarot】 Seven of Pentacles
【Power Element】 Light
【Power Type】 Control
【Rank Points】 815
【Playlist】 <3

After a hectic and adventure-filled life, Armond wants to finally be able to settle back home, running his quiet and cozy bookstore and furthering his magic research on the side. His curious nature however is more than likely to drag him back out into the unknown world again...



Armond is a kind and friendly person. He is always the first to offer help to anyone who needs it, and is always quick to greet a stranger with a smile and introduce himself. He is polite and generally quiet, but not shy. He simply prefers to listen. An exception to this however is if you get him talking about his research, on that topic he has plenty to share and will continue on for days unless someone stops him. He loves his research and so is always happy to share what he loves with others. Armond is an optimistic person, and is willing to take small risks with the belief that they will pay off. For bigger decisions though he prefers to be organized and tries to plan his life, however since he often gets caught up in all sorts of things, mostly due to his best friend Shen, this doesn’t always work out and his plans are often ruined. This doesn’t disappoint him too much though, he just promises to try better next time.

Armond is easily affected by other people’s opinions and in general he doesn’t have great self-esteem. He is quick to blame himself if something goes wrong. He does his best not to hurt or trouble others, but to the point where he might go through excess trouble himself, and even though he always offers help to others at the very least in the form of a sympathetic ear to listen to their worries, he himself rarely seeks the help of others and keeps his stresses to himself. He is aware of these bad habits and is working on fixing them, but every once in awhile all the stress gets to be too much.

Armond also has a very curious nature, he’s very interested in the way things work and why things happen, and he always carries a journal or two around with him to write down anything new he learns or simply things which he finds interesting. If he doesn’t understand something rather than being frustrated he gets even more excited to figure it out. He thus is often interested in people’s lives and hobbies and he asks the right questions to find out more about them, making him a very good listener.

  • Lantern Blossom Tea
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Books
  • Lavender
  • Loud Sudden Noises
  • Troubling Others
  • Getting Lost
  • Hums subconsciously while working
  • Stutters when nervous



【Height】 6’1”/185cm
【Skin Tone】 Tan
【Hair Color】 Dusty Brown
【Demeanor】 Academic

【Build】 Soft
【Eye Color】 Hazel
【Hair Length】 Short
【Accessories】 Book-Bag

Clothes Style

Armond primarily wears button-up shirts which are either solid-color, patterned, or have embroidered plant themes. Depending on the weather he might wear a sweater on top. He never wears shorts, sticking with longer pants, and for shoes he either has short leather boots or brogues. He always carries his bookbag with him if he goes outside anywhere but otherwise doesn’t do anything with accessories.

Artist Notes

  • Feel free to edit his outfits, or draw him in completely new ones, as long as it still fits with his theme.
  • He's got slightly pointed ears since he's part elf!
  • He almost always has his shoulder bag with him if he's not at home.
  • He has a scar on his stomach and back



Armond grew up, as most of the descendants of the last survivors of humanity did, in the small town of Havenlyn. He was raised by his grandparents as his parents were always out on Expeditions to explore the land and study the remnants of the old magic in an attempt to make it available to humanity once more. His grandparents were kind and loving and they did their best to raise the young Armond, but he was still often left to his own devices. Most of this time he spent inside the house or out in their garden reading books and learning about the magic his parents, and in fact all of his ancestors had studied. He grew up a quiet child and lonely though he didn’t recognize that until he met Shen, then known as Sheliah, when he was 10. Sheliah had snuck into Armond’s garden, and Armond learned that she also had a isolated life, though for different reasons from him.

Not long after this meeting Armond’s parents, who were still not often around, vanished while on an Exped, and Armond sought solace in his new friend, not knowing anyone else to go to. The two were brought closer together after this, and Sheliah dragged Armond away from his books and sadness out into the town, often getting them both into all sorts of trouble. They were an interesting pair, being so different from each other but their personalities meshed well, and they were always treated by the townspeople as an inseparable duo. The two weren’t friendless though, they had in fact formed a good small group of friends, of which Sheliah was the self-declared leader of, who were to be their future exploration partners.

When he was 13 or so Armond began learning some basic medical skills and first aid since Sheliah often got minor injuries when they were out exploring the forest, and while they were never anything too bad and they could seek help in the village, Armond was always worried for his friend and felt helpless when he could do anything to help. He also continued his magic research from his younger days and when he turned 16, the age of adulthood in the town, his grandmother gave him access to a locked room in their house. The room was his father’s, passed down from Armond’s grandmother to him originally. It held the research of all their ancestors, everything they had learnt and discovered through the generations. Armond took it upon himself to continue this research, and accepted Sheliah’s invitation to start and Expedition team along with their group of friends.

About a year later he also took over the town bookstore where he had been apprenticing at, his love of books having never left him. Despite the bookstore being his main work he found it the most calming part of his day when he was running it. It was there that he met Lyra, a girl with the power to sometimes see the veins of magic running through the world. She had no control over this power however, it gave her sight randomly with no set duration and when it wasn’t active she was completely blind. Armond initially wanted to see if he could help her stabilize her power, and was also curious to learn more about exactly what she saw. Lyra however wasn’t interested in his help, yes her power was inconvenient to say the least but she was a very proud person, and saw it as a part of herself. She told Armond that it helped her appreciate the world more than anyone with regular sight could. Yet she would be willing to help him with his research if he wanted it. Armond was surprised by her response but accepted her help, and slowly the two became friends. Over the years their friendship grew deeper and they eventually fell in love, and then got engaged.

Not long after this engagement Sheliah invited the group, which hadn’t been going on expeditions lately, to come push the limits of the areas they uncovered and follow a map she had discovered on a research trip a while back. The group, along with Lyra, agreed and they set out. At first it all went as usual but, as it turned out, the not fully translated map pointed to a place where a powerful demon had been sealed to stop it from wreaking havoc on the world. The group’s actions unsealed the demon, Saforez, who killed everyone in the group except for Sheliah, who it took a liking to, and Armond who had barely hung onto his life after being stabbed through with one of Saforez’s blood spikes. The last thing Armond saw before he fainted was Saforez’s grinning blood-covered face.


The next he woke up he was greeted by, much to his surprise, elves. As it turned out the group’s expedition had lead them near to elven lands whose location had been lost to humanity ever since the apocalypse. The elves explained that a border scouting group had encountered Armond and his friends but could only save him. Armond was devastated and heartbroken, having lost his best friend, fiancee, and almost everyone he held dear. He spent a couple months confined to his bed as he recovered from his injuries, and some more after that before he could bring himself to visit the graves the elves had made for his friends. When he did however he was once more surprised, there was one less graves than there ought to have been. After asking the elves Armond learned that they had only found those bodies, and based on the descriptions they gave him Armond was given one spark of hope in his darkness: Sheliah had escaped from the encounter and was likely still alive.

Armond stayed with the elves for several years recovering from his injuries and learning about their culture. The elves had close ties with magic and a lot more surviving knowledge than their small town did as well so he spent most of his time studying in their libraries and increasing his knowledge. Even after he had recovered he Armond stayed in the city for a few years more, as he had no guarantee he would ever be able to return if he left. He couldn’t ignore the call to home forever though and eventually he paid one final visit to the graves, said goodbye to his elven friends, and left to try once more find his way back home, to Havenlyn.

He wandered the unexplored, charting while he went and surviving only due to a monster warding cloak the elves gave him. After three years of this Armond found himself in familiar woods. Fourteen years after he had left, he was finally returning home.

Basic Info 】【 Stats 】【 Magic 】【 Relationships 】【 Art Ref 】【 Setting

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