Casanova Hutcherson



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Casanova Hutcherson


Age 27
Eyes Green
Height 6'7" (200.66 cm)
Hair Red (Dyed); Dark Brown (Original)
Gender Male
Body Pale; slender
Birthday July 19th
Zodiac Cancer
Occupation Astrophysicist
Sexual Orient. Gay; Ace

Design Notes

  • His hair is long on the sides and gets shorter towards the back.
  • Current hair color is dyed RED. Any pic of him with brown hair is his younger self; he dyed his hair after college.
  • He's very tall; his legs are very long.
  • His bottom eyelashes are slightly long and/or more noticable.



  • Astronomy
  • Stars
  • Apple Pie
  • His very close family and friends


  • Females
  • Sweets
  • Liars
  • -

Quick Look

POSITIVES Intelligent
NEGATIVES Unsociable


Casanova is someone who keeps to himself most of the time. He's a very tall, stoic man with a great interest in astronomy. It's been his favorite topic ever since he was a kid. Casa doesn't talk much; he's usually soft spoken and tends to be a little shy, but his speech sounds a bit broken; he takes very short pauses every few or more words. He tends to speak in incomplete sentences. However when he is reading something out loud, he does follow the puncuation of the passage, but his voice is more monotone. He has a piercing gaze; strong green eyes framed with long eyelashes. Most people would be intimidated by his uninterested facial expression and his towering height, and wouldn't make much of an attempt to get to know him.

Only with the people he is closest with does he show a more affectionate side of himself. He likes to hug and cuddle up with his loved ones; he tends to be more physical in the platonic sense (he is not into sexual things). He likes showing off interesting things he finds or sees to them too.


He was born in a Connecticut town to a Swedish man and an American woman. He was always closer to his papa (he says this instead of dad or father ), and he learns both English and Swedish from him, but prefers the latter. Living next door to him was his father’s brother and his family, which includes Casa’s cousin Roderich. Roderich was three years older than Casa but the two often played a lot and got pretty close. Casa feels most content with his papa

Maybe it was because of Casa’s favoritism to his papa that the mother got pretty jealous of that. When Casa was seven, his mother had amental breakdown and tried to harm his papa. Luckily he didn’t have major injuries, but for the safety of his son, he filed for divorce, and it took until the next year for it to be granted and he gains custody. During this year though, the parents of the cousin next door died in a car crash (cliché I know ;; ) so Casa’s papa decided to take in the nephew (would it be easier since they were already related? I'm assuming so). After the divorce the three of them moved to NYC and settled in a nice Manhattan apartment. His papa found a job in a new bank, and then shifted towards Wall Street soon after.

Ever since he was young, Casa loved looking at the stars. Although when he moved to NYC and noticed that less stars could be seen, this didn’t dampen his interest. He owned a telescope so he could look into the sky at night, and there are times where he could actually see some stars. Most of the time he can be seen reading astronomy related books and watching related documentaries. This interest evolved into being his career.




  • Although he doesn't have the taste for sweets, he does love apple pie.
  • He loves eggs and would have one for breakfast every day. It doesn't matter how it was prepared, as long as he has one. He's learned a lot of different ways to cook an egg.
  • He gets uncomfortable around females, especially if confronted by one. He doesn't have a lot of good experiences with females when he was younger and tended to avoid them.
  • He is claustrophobic; he hates most very small spaces, and his tall height doesn't seem to help either.
  • He loves and values his papa more than anyone else. He was extremely close to him and would be around him all the time when he was younger.




[ Father ] Casa'a beloved papa. He loves him so much. So much. He was the best papa in the whole world and universe and next universe over. No other papa was as amazing as his own. He may be just a kind hearted and hard working man who knew how to handle money well, but he was the best human being to ever exist in Casa's eyes.



[ Lover ] He meets Helix at work, where Helix was a newbie and Casa was told to help him out with any thing and answer his questions. Usually people’s first impressions of Casa would be that he is scary or intimidating due to his “resting bitch face”, but Helix was more mesmerized by his height and thought Casa looked really cool. To put this briefly, Helix liked being around Casa and the two got to know each other better, in the middle of that same year Casa went through a rough time and Helix stayed by his side, they both developed crushes on each other and with a little push from both sides they finally became a couple on new years night.



[ Best Friend ] He meets Lysande in 3rd grade when he first moved to NYC. They were in different classes but they met in recess. There was a guy in Casa’s class who kept picking on him because he had a weird accent. Usually Casa isn’t a violent child but he got fed up with the teasing and punched the other kid in the face. He then stalked off to a corner and sat down. This is when Lysande came up to him and was intrigued, and actually liked what he did since he knew the other kid is a meanie. Lysande sat next to Casa and expressed his opinion with enthusiasm. Casa was impressed, to say the least. After that day the two started hanging out a lot more often.



[ Cousin ] His cousin who used to first live next door to him, then with him once thwy all moved to NYC. He is Casa's closest non nuclear relative. Casa tends to depend on him quite a lot.