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Well, "A Baby" doesn't seem a particularly good name. So we'll stick with the heroic alias.

Actually dreamed, the earlier hours of 21 October 2021

"A Baby" can hide in the shadows - perhaps even their own shadow - either unobserved or ignored. Whites of their eyes staring out. They frequently can be seen to carry what looks like a clear plastic bottle.

In the dream, they were a normal girl - or perhaps woman - previously. All their attempts to regain previous stature meant becoming half as thick while twice as tall. Not 
exactly a Flat Stanley Scenario.

When it's time for heroics, The bottle becomes a clear plastic shell with to gears in it - one through the chest, the other near the edge at the crotch. The case looks a little like doll clothes extruded into 3 dimensions; flat viewed from the side, only a few centimeters thick, but more human shaped when viewed from the front or back (1). Tapedeck's skin looks more like magnetic tape, her limbs ribbons of it flowing out (2), her hair more loops of tape, while her head is more proportional and solid. This limbs can extend and retract. "hands" can appear anywhere on the arm's length, still made of the tape, while feet are more indicated by the shape. Her skin tone has the range of magnetic tape, including reflectivity.

Is there a transformation sequence? Maybe. I'll link (3) anyways.

In fiction, she's https://toyhou.se/8294956.virika-khanakarii 's OC. Due to this there are a few tropes to be paid attention to:

  • Conservation of Ninjutsu - Inverted. Tapedeck never wants to be fighting more than one person at once. She works by being cunning. 
  • Rubber Man - Played with. "The baby" is bouncy with little control, The farthest Tapdeck can stretch a limb is 45 meters (read: other limbs and most of head retracted, 90m looped back on it self, approximately the length of a 120 minute cassette). 4  limbs extended 10m is the edge of her comfort zone. The more limb extended, the less black within the shell.
  • Removable Shell - Without the clear "Cassette" shell, there is just The Baby. Also, Tapedeck can not completely retact into the shell - her limbs may fit in, and most oh her head, but part of her face will always stick out (with eye bulge?)

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2. https://www.crushpixel.com/stock-photo/tape-jam-107015.html

3. https://twitter.com/panasonynet/status/1318910450671575040