Cameron Fenn, BA

Narcissistic Manipulative Psychopathic


Do you trust me?

Full nameCameron Chandler Fenn, BAOther namesCam (by August)
Cammy (by his mother)
RaceBiracial (Black, White)NationalityAmerican
BirthdateJune 13th, 1992 (♊)BirthplacePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Hair colorJet-blackEye colorDark caramel
Height6'1" (1.85 m)Weight180 lbs. (81.7 kg)
Blood typeO-HandednessLeft
Personality typeESTPAlignmentChaotic Evil
Sexual preferenceBisexualRomantic preferenceBiromantic


  • Writer (? - 2035)
  • Medical student (? - ?)
  • Dottie Peak (grandmother (maternal))
  • Chandler Peak (grandfather (maternal))
  • Linda Fenn (mother)
  • Derrick Fenn (father)
  • Bashful Bunny (literary creation)
  • Terrence Lyndon (boyfriend, 2012 - 2012)
  • Sparrow Nielson (girlfriend, 2012 - January 13th, 2013)
  • Julian Wynn (boyfriend, October 17th, 2013 - December 11th, 2014)
  • August Lund (boyfriend (experimental), October 31st, 2014 - December 25th, 2014)
  • Max Aleshire (boyfriend, April 2017 - January 1st, 2019; fiancé, January 1st, 2019 - February 14th, 2019; husband, February 14th, 2019 - ~2035)
  • Murder
  • Surprises
  • John Conway's Doomsday rule
  • Shakespeare's plays
    • Particularly Macbeth
  • Carrots
    • Carrot cake
    • Carrot muffins
  • Lies
  • Being psychoanalyzed
  • Coming in physical contact with male "seed"
  • When people keep secrets from him
  • Athletic
  • Charismatic
  • Rich
  • Not sure how to express his feelings
  • Worried he might not actually have feelings
  • Tendency to be narcissistic/cocky
  • Has difficultly forming/sustaining emotional connections (is a psychopath)
  • Scripting/coding
  • Writing
  • Knows how to manipulate people
  • Knowledge in medicine
Love interest(s)
  • n/a


Charisma Kindness
Temper Patience
Intelligence Judgment
Integrity Confidence
Maturity Humor


altCameron had a better-than-average childhood. Rich parents, rich house, rich school. Never bullied, attentive and loving family. But he always knew he was different. When he was given his first pet, a kitten he named Max, he pretended to care for it, but secretly abused it. Something about the rush of knowing that he had something lower than him at his own mercy was simply invigorating for him; addicting, even. One day, he drowned it in the nearby river and said it'd run away. From that day forward, Cameron knew he was strange, but it was laughably easy to play the good boy. First the cat, then his classmates. With the power and money his parents had, he could get away with anything . . .

After telling his parents about his pet's demise, they bought him a little white rabbit, giving it to him as a birthday present at his grandparents' house in Switzerland. Captivated by the small, skittish creature, he named it "Bashful" and promised to take care of it.

Upon returning back home to Pittsburgh, his parents' frequent arguments quickly escalated, until one day, his mother announced she was leaving his father. As the debate grew rapidly heated, Cameron escaped into the backyard with Bashful's cage and headed for his dad's shed. Inside, he let Bashful out of its cage and watched it for a moment. Then, he grabbed a hammer.

Returning inside bloodied and with crocodile tears prepared to cement his defense, Cameron was stunned to discover his mother dead in the living room. His father urged him to help him hide the body. Not knowing what else to do, Cameron obliged.

Eleven years later, after years of trying to figure people out, Cameron started college, intent on learning more about the human psyche. He considered himself the best in all his classes until the following year, when he got a new dormmate named August Lund. Immediately, he found himself intrigued by the Danish exchange student, who tried his best to be friendly, even to Cameron's latest ex, Sparrow Nielson. His intrigue only grew when, after denying an advance from Sparrow, August revealed he was homosexual. In a show of good faith, he helped the Dane come out to his parents.

It was during this year that Cameron stumbled across an article regarding John Conway's Doomsday rule. Instantly captivated by something about it, he began memorizing the dates applicable to the rule. It wasn't until the following Easter, though, after learning that Sparrow's birthday fell on a Doomsday, that he realized what he wanted to use the information for.

Making a fake profile on social media, Cameron lured Sparrow into an online relationship and promised to meet her in Schenley Park, just outside of their college, on the night of her birthday. Upon her arrival, he pulled her into the bushes and stabbed her several times before leaving her to drown in Panther Hollow Lake.

Cameron watched as Sparrow's death took a heavy toll on August's mental state. In order to remain on the Dane's good side, however, he did everything in his power to see if he could return him to normal. To his surprise, with some shallow words and false comfort, he was able to do so, more-or-less.

That was when new meat arrived: his name was Julian Wynn, he was an obvious stoner, and he took late Sparrow's dorm room. Finding the freshman strangely attractive, Cameron offered to befriend him, his desire to do this only spurred on by August's obvious distaste. Almost before he knew it, his spite led him to begin a romance with Julian by the stoner's birthday. However, his hidden indifference toward Julian began to shift as he realized how troubled the boy was. Much to his confusion, some part of him felt nurturing toward him, wanting to help him overcome his past of abuse and self-harm.

Things went about as normal, with August disliking Julian and Cameron acting out of playful spite, until a Halloween party the following year. Having gone with only August, he expected to further taunt his jealous dormmate by hooking up with someone, only to find the Dane making out with a freshman. Suddenly overcome with some strong, bitter emotion, Cameron stormed back to their dorm room before texting the Dane to return. While waiting, he found himself plotting various ways to murder August, to no avail. So, when the Dane arrived, he only shouted at him, threatening him before turning to leave. Unfortunately, August caught his arm and, unexpectedly, began defending himself. Their argument didn't last very long before they found themselves on the floor together. Once finished, Cameron left August on his own for the night.

Thinking nothing of this one-night stand, Cameron returned to his normal way of life. By the time Julian called him asking to see him in early December, he'd nearly forgotten about the affair . . . which was why he was so surprised when Julian revealed he had a good feeling he'd been cheated on. Despite his attempts to talk the stoner down, Julian proceeded to throw himself from his dorm room's window, happening to land right in front of August on his way back to the dorms.

Though Cameron did his best to push Julian's suicide into the back of his mind, he found it difficult to do so with August's rapid descent into depression. What made him realize he couldn't ignore it anyway was returning to their dorm one day and catching August mid-suicide attempt. Immediately he grabbed the Dane and slapped some sense into him, insisting that he "wouldn't lose him too". Not too soon afterward, he again wound up having a one-night stand with him. After this one, though, Cameron distanced himself from August emotionally, seeing no further use for him. Their relationship crumbled until the day Cameron graduated, after which he left the college, his only goodbyes to August being a letter, a cake, and a bottle of wine. To his day, though, he occasionally finds himself wondering what ever happened to the Dane . . .


altCameron's personality can be somewhat of an enigma at times, as it's hard to tell what kind of person he really is. He tends to act as a chameleon, imitating what he figures those around him would want him to be. This often leaves people thinking of him as a compassionate and wise young man, someone to confide in and go to for advice. But at his core, Cameron is narcissistic and twisted. He enjoys building people up to tear them down, and greatly enjoys the rush and risk of cold-blooded murder. Being a psychopath, he thinks highly of himself and will typically only keep people in his life (or otherwise alive) if they serve him some purpose or somehow manage to get on his good side.

All this said, deep down, Cameron still seems to retain some form of compassion, as ever so often it will arise to surprise him.


He has short (mid-neck length) jet-black hair styled into a small quiff with spiky bangs. His eyes are dark brown. His skin is a dark shade of ecru with a faint red tint. He's about 6'1" (1.85 m) and weighs around 180 lbs. (81.7 kg). He's about as toned and muscular as the typical male model.

Defining Features

  • n/a

Common Attires

Casual outfit

  • Dark brown leather coat.
  • Grey tight-fitting t-shirt.
  • Black watch with leather strap, worn on right wrist.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Black boots.

Formal outfit 1

  • Pink fuzzy Bashful head, hands, feet, and tail. Squinty eyes. Light pink accents on edges of tail, inner edges of ears, chin, lower side of tufts along side of head, edges of hands, and bottom of feet. Dark punk accents inside ears, along upper lips, and around nose. Dark purple pads on palms, heels, bottom of toes, and nose. Buck teeth. (when in character/in "murder mode").
  • Dark blue suit blazer (left open normally, closed when as Bashful).
  • Blue necktie.
  • White dress shirt.
  • Black watch with leather strap, worn on right wrist.
  • Dark brown leather belt with black buckle.
  • Dark blue dress pants.
  • Dark brown leather dress shoes.

Formal outfit 2

Only worn in Switzerland.
  • tbe


Best colorHot pinkWorst colorOrange
Best animalRabbitsWorst animalPigs
Best flowerBalloon flowerWorst flowerDaisy
Best foodExpensive foodWorst foodJunk food
Greatest fearComing in contact with male "seed"Favorite songIAMX - Animal Impulses
Favorite holidayEasterVoice actor(s)Mistletoe (2017 - current)
  • He is the creator of Bashful Bunny.
  • He started at Carnegie Mellon University in 2012, and was dormmates with August Lund. He graduated in 2015, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in behavioral psychology. After graduating, he moved on to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
  • He likes to quote lines from William Shakespeare's Macbeth, but only seems to quote Lady Macbeth.
  • He describes himself as "the son of Desdemona and Othello".
  • Through the course of the series, the reader/listener is only allowed to hear Cameron's thoughts once.
  • He might not actually be a psychopath, as August doubted this, and he occasionally displays some form of empathy/sympathy.