Felren's Comments

YO just read your answer to my family or country question in that one thread & like firstly wow what a good conflict he has going,,,

BUT SECONDLY I'M NOW VERY CURIOUS ABOUT THIS FUCKIN.  Country on the back of a monster???  forest that follows it??? that's cool as fuck?

does the forest actually follow it(like sprouting in front of it & disappearing behind it while maintaining basically the same area), or does it just sprout up from its footsteps & stay where it popped up? how fast is the big beastie?  what's the relationship between it & the little killer monster?  how do people get on & off do they gotta climb it or can they fly somehow?

what kind of creature is the big thing(like a turtle, or more mammalian, or some kind of magical thing)?? what does it eat?  what happens if it wants to roll over or lay down for a bit,, is it intelligent/aware that people are living on it?

Do the guides have to fight the killer monster/do they ever worry about getting stepped on,,(or,, i'm assuming the guides work down in the danger forest/??)