HTML #4's Comments

hello! sorry if this is a stupid question; I'm new here and only just realised you could even use HTML without having a membership lmao. I really love this template because there's so much detail in it, but some of the headers like Powers are unlikely to be applicable to any of my characters. I figured I'd just change it to a different header, but I was wondering if there's some ways to change the little icons as well, and if so, is there a database or something for them?

Hi! I barely check in on this account, in case you still need help: and can both be used here on TH!

no problem!! thank you very much for the reply, I'll have a look at using a couple of these now :D

is this free to use? I'd love to use it for some of my characters ^^

yes, it is!

okay, thanks! 

You're welcome!

Hello! This is the perfect template that I want to use for most my characters but the background and colors won't go well with them. Can I Change the background and colors? If I can, do I have to leave the original BG maker in along with the new one? 

You can change background and colors. If you change the background you only need to add the maker of the background you then use, not the one i used as it's not in the coding anymore. You can madify how you want, as long as you leave the credits of me being the coder in it.

ah okay, thanks~

You're welcome!