Lui Tosdohl



4 years, 4 months ago

Basic Info

comfort OC



Fighter - Dragon God - Singer - 25 [Comfort]

Lui is a fun, understanding guy who is hiding lots of secrets and abilities. Loves music, art and flying! He also has pretty dark humor and often goes a bit too far. He´s someone who loves to hang out with his friends and also his enemies in a kinda.. sarcastic way.

Born as a complete normie , later then became a quite powerful and fearless, rich god, with lots of strengths and difficulties as well! Living his life is both, luxurious and exhausting.

Lui hides his real self from a big side of his family. Which is why he has two names. Luigi is his original name but not his real identity anymore!

Love: Rebecka Tosdohl, Lucius Koocotzcy
Son: Feli Tosdohl
Best friend: Rodwig Bruno, Karly Jepernson

arm shows his mutated dragon marking, not a tattoo.

Art Notes

  • My character is split into sections, if direct uploading, submit to his "by others" subgallery, NOT the main character please. -> ID: 14374934
  • suggestive art welcome
  • can mix him with his other forms (tabs). wings, horns, tail.. Green inferno transformation and white dragon transformation excluded
  • I love seeing him drawn in his headworld accurate proportions (His headworld accurate version has the huge nose), this is not required
  • His dragon marking moves and changes his appearence, It can feature any dragons, any color. please DO NOT copy paste his marking from his ref or other art. If you don't want to draw it by hand, please draw him without. He has the ability to hide it!

Existing since: 2009 // public since: late 2019