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Account-wide warning regarding the content I post, whether Cadavard, for others, or personal. While "NSFW" is primarily known for sexual content, it also applies to other kinds of sensitive topics. Cadavard has a R18+ rating due to graphic violence and the subjects it deals with. (While the comic itself has sexual themes, it does not have sex scenes.) A lot of what my characters go through are directly based on my traumas, disorders, and experiences. Images and content are properly tagged/spoilered. If you look at/read them despite the warnings and get triggered, it's on you. Some profiles have a separate warning regarding Cadavard spoilers so the audience can be caught up.

Regarding commissions, sales, trades, and freebies, view my blacklisted users and topics (at the very bottom.)


• Canine and canine-like beings, humans and humanoids, some felines, birds, etc.
• Alien species and such creatures.
• Anatomically correct humans and non-human animals.
• Environments, plants, fungi, and alien scapes.
• Planets, moons, stars, and aliens worlds.
• Various genders, sexualities, identities, and mono/poly/ambi relationships.

• Blood, violence, gore, death, suicide, murder.
• Characters dealing with abuse, trauma, rape, slavery, and more. (Rape is implied or mentioned, not shown.)
• Sexual NSFW with ferals, anthros, humans, and some more.
• A few kinks, sexual themes, and some dead dove content.
Note: I only have a few of such arts posted. The warnings are preventive.

Important note
• IT'S FICTION. It's pseudoscience to believe fiction directly affects reality like the way people think video games cause mass shootings. The reality is far more complex than this 1:1 oversimplification. Loving an evil murderer or rapist character doesn't mean that you support what they do or that you will defend real life murderers and rapists. Enjoying feral nsfw of canids doesn't mean someone wants to fuck a real dog. Etc. (Unless the person does state otherwise, then it's another story.) A lot of abuse victims such as myself use/draw/write violent/sexual content as a coping mechanism since one has full control when it comes to their fictional world.

One can take inspiration from places such as Archive of Our Own and Creative Clash by encouraging freedom of interests without judgment. It's best to understand the why before. Communicate.

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