Set on the world of Tellus where in the vast Red Sea Desert lies the blistering landscape of the Xerizone, remnants of civilization cling to survival under the shadow of past and present cataclysms. Amidst decayed cities and overgrown ruins, a pack of resilient kynos and a tellurian must navigate a world fraught with dangers, confronting the equally lethal threats of their own haunted pasts along with corruption and betrayal. Survivors of the devastating Scorch now face a new, insidious threat: Cadavard, a plague promising a fate far worse than death. Trapped in a zone from which no one can escape, their journey is a relentless quest for survival and identity. Each step forward is marked by battles against infection, the scars of trauma, specters of death, with a deep-seated need for healing. Join the Skylight Pack as they advance through the perilous desert where every day could be their last. Will they find the strength to overcome the specters of their past or will the shadows of the cadavards consume them?

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic | Thriller | Sci-Fi
Rating: R18+ | Mature audience
Disclaimer: Cadavard contains materials such as strong language, graphic violence, elements of horror, LGBT+, non-binary genders, and neurodivergent characters. While the comic has sexual themes, it does NOT have sex scenes. The story touches on topics like psychological & physical abuse, traumatic events, disease, ableism, sex, slavery, death, natural disasters, and explore the results from these. A lot are based on my personal experiences, friends, and careful research. I cannot cover every experiences as they vary per person and will be perceived differently per reader, yet I try my best at representation. Viewer discretion is advised.

Created, written, and illustrated by Maxwell Fury.

Located on an Earth-like world with dyres being the focus, the story is therefore a ‘translation’ of the Zikrah language. Some English wording may be changed to accommodate.

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