Taking place in an interstellar future on the world of Tellus, the dystopian Red Sea is inhabited by survivors of the apocalyptic event known as the Scorch. In the midst of the blistering desert lies Ashunder, a once vivid city left to decay, littered with specters, scattered groups, and ancient secrets waiting to be revealed. In a harsh and thrilling story, join the Skylight District - a pack composed of kynos and a human - in their struggle to endure the city and other survivors, lest they succumb to a fate worse than death.

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic | Thriller | Sci-Fi
Rating: R18+ | Mature audience
Disclaimer: This comic contains disturbing materials such as strong language, graphic violence, mature themes, and elements of horror.

Created, written, and illustrated by Maxwell Fury.

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Characters without a ref sheet are set to Authorized Users only. Several are also hidden until revealed in-comic. As a note, if a ref mentions a specific thing like a 5 points mane or a set number of whiskers, it's part of the design. The way the fur is lined (flat, spiky, feather, etc) is also part of the design. The same applies to other info. For the characters, this is their natural, realistic anatomy.

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