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Name: Stellara Briardi
Race: Alien
Gender: Female
Species: Hound/Briard Mix
Sexuality: Straight
Build: Fluffy
Age: 11 SYs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Stella is the pilot of the S.S. Renegade, and a space pirate alongside her captain and best friend, Felix. She is an alien dog hailing from Herdae II, and is now a wanted criminal for hacking into government data.

Magic Prowess

Stella spent the first few years of her life on 'Wufenven Dugfud Farm', where she ranched the infamous dugfud with her family. Her mother was almost always pregnant and often had litters of 3 or move, so naturally she had many many younger siblings, as well as aunts, uncles and a handful of cousins. The only relative she lacked was a father, having never known her natural father and instead being raised by her step-father. She was always closest to her litter mates, Novia and Doofer, above all, with them both being the only ones who genuinely seemed to care for her. Her mother was also very protective of her, she talked to her often and would let nobody hurt her, although this all seemed to be her alpha-female nature kicking in rather than genuine concern for her.

Stella was teased a lot in school due to her curly tail. On Herdae II, much like many of the planets in the Dog System, anything other than pure-bred was looked upon, and her tail was considered a deformity. Stella went through a period where she was hypersensitive about how she looked, wearing make-up and even considered docking her ears (the equivalent to a tattoo). But eventually realised that nothing she would do would give her acceptance, she 'gave up' and felt a lot better not giving a damn about what people cared about her. This made her more confident even if she did become more of a jerk.

Stella left school as soon as she could. Although she stayed on the ranch for some time, she had a yearning for something... more. She wanted to escape and live a life of adventure. This was met with blank eyes from most of her siblings who idealised the life of safety and wanted to stay on the farm and begin a family, with the sole exception of Doofer. Around the time their mother was suggesting arranging marriages, both Briards announced they would be moving away and joining the Herdae army.

And so they travelled off to Herdae I, considered the capital of military in the Herdae planets, and also the most technologically advanced. Stella was amazed by the technology and soon found herself indulging in gizmos, after the first few days she was almost in debt by the amount of technology she had bought, most of it being mod cons or video games. Luckily, Doofer kept her just enough in line to not cause... too much trouble.

Over the following year they were trained all about the ins-and-outs of Herdae technology and spaceships. Stella had a strong interest in fighting and couldn't wait for the day she would be permitted to join the battles. However, while Doofer was acclaimed as a natural, Stella found herself falling behind. She had trouble focusing, and whenever she was given a practice run would go berserk and destroy everything she could with a smile on her face. Eventually this got so bad she was expelled from the academy.

Stella suffered a crisis as she watched her brother become a war hero, she felt bitterness every time she heard his name. Although she returned home, she refused to work on the ranch and spent most of the time moping in her room playing video games. She dabbled in coding and learned more and more about the technology she'd brought back with her - if she had the focus to do so, she probably would have become a very competent mechanic or programmer.

It was inevitable that the day would come where even her own family grew tired of her presence, wanting her to either lend a hand of leave. Stella chose the latter. After moving to an apartment in one of the cities of Herdae II, her days of staying shut inside got worse and worse until eventually she became a mess, sitting before her computer every day and living though benefits. Eventually it got to the point where her bills were more than she could recover from, and, as a loss of what else to do, Stella launched a cyber attack on the Briadi planet database.

It was a feat that could only be accomplished by a team of professionals after years... or a young women with infinite time and nothing else to do. Stella had enough time to find all the data and was on the verge of modifying official records before she was apprehended. Within a few brief months, she was taken away to a prison just outside the dog system, shut away along a variety of other aliens. However, Stella had no intention of staying.

How exactly she broke out is a story that will be told another day, although all Stella remembers was getting her paws on a gun and wreaking havoc. As soon as the guard was knocked out she lead the entire prison planet into a riot, and escaped moments later destroying over half the backup that was sent. Stella set off far away from her home, relieved to finally be free but was forced to make place on Outlaw Planet-291 due to lack of supplies - she ship she travelled in was not designed to live in.

After arriving on the planet, she made herself known as a pilot for hire. Her short time in prison and defensive personality meant she quickly became accustomed to the roughness of the planet, although it was hard for her to find anybody who would co-operate with, many partners she found were more interested in conning her, or just wanted her for short jobs. But eventually she met Felix, who was looking for somebody to help pilot his ship due to the 'tragic death' of his previous pilot. The two did not get along well initially, however, Felix was the only one willing to hire her and she was the only one he could find to hire. While their relationship was initially quite cold, they quickly warmed up to each other and got along well, bar a few fights and bickering every now and again.

Having spent most of her life until in relative safety, the life of a space pirate and outlaw was a huge shift and she wasn’t used to fighting for her life. It wasn’t until she ‘snapped’ for the first time and killed several police offers that she realised the severity of what was happening. Over the years, she’s gotten more and more used to it and the company of Felix, though still holds a lot of doubts for her future.

  • Her specialties are programming and mechanics, so while she is Felix' pilot, she is not… terrific at flying and actually crashed their ship a few times in their early days. However, when the needs be, Stella can 'get in the zone' by tying back her hair, and when the focuses correctly can cause massive destruction from within her spaceship. Sometimes she can do this unintentionally, and this lack of control was what got her expelled from the academy.
  • Despite hair covering her face, Stella has no troubles seeing and dislikes it when people mention how 'pretty her eyes are'. When she ties it back, this is usually out of convenience keeping hair out the way than helping her see.
  • Stella generally spends most of her time in the bridge, unlike Felix who's more interested in raiding loot and going exploring.
  • She likes 'antique robots', especially renovating them back into working condition and reselling them. Those that can’t be sold are sent to battles and bet on. Her weapon of choice of a rocket launcher laser gun, although she is happy to wield anything vaguely destructive. Between her and Felix, she is definitely the 'brawn'.
  • She also carries around a 'Circuit Bug', a small machine that can access the interface of any computer, allowing her to hack into and reprogram it. However, reprogramming usually takes a while so it is not useful in most situations. She prefers to analyse and copy programming than to steal it.

  • Alien Animals- Stella is descended from the dogs from earth, who where much more intelligent and superior than the 'dominant species' humans. They eventually abandoned the planet after they calculated it's destruction date, and since evolved and created a society within the dog system.
  • Berserk Button- Joking about her height, hair, 'lack of femininity', curly tail, personality or anything based on her physical appearance. Also insulting her species or abilities, or comparing her to any other species of dog. A lot of things, really.
  • Blinding Bangs- Stella's ear/hairstyle covers most of her face, including her eyes.
  • Brilliant, But Lazy- Stella has many talents, especially associated with machines, programs or robots, although she chooses not to use them. This was the main cause of strain with her family - they all beloved she had a lot of potential but she wasn't being pushed to work.
  • Fat and Proud- She has no shame for her size.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold- Stella is very rude and arrogant, and quick to annoy people, but compared to Felix she is the more sensitive of the two and would never hurt anybody without reason.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy- Stella is a rough tomboy who favours action and mechanics, is emotionally hidden and a big slob. Felix is more flamboyant, gentle and prefers diplomacy and is a neat freak.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse- Stella is quite short, even for her species, but she's also one of the strongest.
  • Platonic Life Partners- With Felix, they live together and could be considered each others closest (and only) friends, as well as being the only one they would risk their life to save and genuinely care about. However, they are quite clearly not romantically involved, and, if anything, are repulsed by each other.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni- The red oni to Felix' blue oni, this is reflected in their clothes and appearance - Stella is associated with warm colours, specifically orange, while Felix is associated with cold colours, specifically blue.
  • The Lad-ette
  • Vitriolic Best Buds- With Felix. They fight and bicker often, sometimes outright insulting each other, but they genuinely care for each other and would not let them be hurt.


[ Captain / Crewmate / Best Friend ] Felix and Stella met on Outlaw Planet-291. Stella was a pilot for hire, Felix needed a pilot, the usual fare. At first their relationship was rocky and full of arguments. It... kind of still is. Usually about Stella being lazy or Felix being too finicky, it's a real odd couple dynamic. But for the most part they've become close friends and get along when they need to. Stella can't imagine working with anybody else.