Name: Lady Godiva.

Nickname(s): Godiver Gadaver Godoink, Godoink.

Gender: Female.

Species: Feline, specifically a Seal Point siamese cat. 

Health status: Her real life counterpart has been deceased since November 25th 2012.

Personality: Outgoing, playful, sweet, mischievous, caring, loyal and adventurous. She can tend to be a troublemaker, often stealing food from her human owners when they turn their back on her. Her favorite foods are pizza, ham, chicken, butter and peanut butter cookies. She often would help her human girl "steal" some peanut butter cookies by sneaking around with her, later on, her human girl would then share the "stolen" cookies with her. She surprisingly enjoys playing fetch, often chasing after Jingle Balls, a type of cat toy that is a plastic ball that contains jingling bells inside of it, so it jingles when thrown.