"I'm in Heaven, when you kiss me." 


Name: Aria

Gender: Female.

Species: Winged canine, specifically a fox. 

Appearance: Her fur is mainly cream with markings that fade from pink into purple with stars dotted all along these markings. Her wings and the markings on her feet, also fade from cream to pink into purple, but lack the stars that her tail and ear markings have. She has a white muzzle, white toes and a white underbelly that goes along the underside of her tail, down to the tip of it. She has bright pastel pink and purple eyes, a dark (not very dark though) purple nose, white teeth, a pink tongue, pink claws and purple pawpads.  Her hair is peachy pink and fades into yellow, the yellow part of her hair has some dark (not too dark) pink stripes going across it. She also has pastel rainbow fingerless gloves (or toeless socks, depends on your point of view.) and a lighter yellow and lighter pink striped halo.

Personality: Aria is an overall sweetheart! She adores helping others, sharing her sweets with her friends and giving presents to others! (especially to her friends) Friendly, outgoing, empathic, helpful, protective, loyal and honest! She is rarely seen not assisting another creature or doing something fun! She treasures her friends and would do anything to help them out! Mostly she is a happy and cheerful being, however on occasion; she can be quite sad and depressed. This is due to her having Bipolar disorder.

Mental Disorders: She has ADHD, Dyslexia, Bipolar disorder. (Somedays she has more depressed/sad moods over the manic/happy moods but not always.) and CDO (OCD with the letters in alphabetical order as they should be)

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Relationships ~

Crush: N/A

Lover: N/A

Soulmate: N/A

Past Lovers?: N/A

Genetic Kits: N/A

Adopted Kits: N/A

Family: N/A

Close Friends: 

  • Squeakie II
  • Lady Godiva
  • Lady Amalthea
  • Starbug
  • Fiesta
  • Poppy.

Frienemies: N/A

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: N/A

Background ~

History: Work in progress!

Extras and fun stuff! ~


  • Firstly she loves to sing! Secondly she loves to dance! Music is her soul. Her motivation. Her everything.
  • She enjoys helping her friends and even newcomers, with gardening as well as with tasks. 
  • Being surrounded by nature, such as going on a hike through the forest.
  • Swimming! She loves to swim in rivers, lakes, pools and even in the ocean!
  • Collecting objects for using in her art projects; she has a collection of feathers, jewels/gemstones, stones/minerals, sea shells, fossils and more! 
  • Astronomy, astrology and stargazing! She really loves space, stars and constellations. Clouds are cool too! 
  • Celestial navigation, flying and hiking!
  • Nature; wildlife & taking photographs of both.
  • Doing anything creative; drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting, singing + more!
  • Being helpful and kind to others in order to help brighten their day!
  • Giving gifts such as: art, art projects that she finished, handsewn clothing and handsewn accessories to her friends.
  • Halloween, Fourth of July, Christmas and Easter are her favorite holidays as they are all about being with friends, making memories, sharing and exchanging gifts! She also enjoys gping to haunted houses and going trick or treating!
  • Doing anything creative! Wether it be; sewing, crocheting, knitting, making figures/figurines and art dolls. Or drawing traditionally, using pencils and paper or drawing digitally using a tablet and a stylus pen. She also enjoys painting on paper or a canvas, making jewelry and tie-dying all sorts of items! 
  • Reading books; her favorite genres are fantasy, adventure, thriller, horror, romance, sci-fi, historical fiction and more!
  • Cooking and baking.♡ She often cooks and bakes, more food then she can eat in one sitting. So she often shares with her friends and neighbors! 
  • Playing video games! She enjoys playing both console and computer video games. Normally either single player or online multiplayer ones. Her favorite video game genres are; fantasy, adventure, thriller, romance, sci-fi, historical fiction (depends on what the game is about tho) comedy, drama, sad/tear-jerkers, horror and more!
  • Watching TV and movies! Her favorite genres are as follows; fantasy, adventure, thriller, romance, sci-fi, animation, comedy, drama, sad/tear-jerkers, horror, and more! Basically as long as she can get interested in the characters and storyline, she will watch it! If not, she will change the channel and find something else to watch. Also; she prefers to stream her tv shows and movies as she hates to watch commercials and likes to be able to pause what she is watching. 


  • Pollution or smog.
  • Littering and others who purposefully litter or throw their trash where it doesn't belong.
  • Abuse: both physical and mental caused to animals and people!
  • Disrespectful, arrogant and rude people or animals who bully others on purpose as they can think that their above the rules. Plus; anyone who is purposefully being annoying.
  • Poachers and hunters who overhunt the animals of the forest.
  • Spiders, venomous snakes (she doesn't really mind the non-venomous ones) centipedes and scorpions.
  • Death, dying, thought of dying and leaving her friends behind.
  • Her friends or her getting hurt and being too hurt or otherwise unable to help them.
  • Commercials or annoying repetitive ads! 

Date of Birth: TBA

American Zodiac sign: Leo maybe?

Chinese Zodiac sign: Tiger.

Birthstone: TBA

Birth Flower: TBA

Extras/Others: Reserved for anything else information wise that I come up with.