Celeste (or Lester)
they/them (she/her if we're friends)
Amalgamation Creature
~small bear
Priceless; Never Offer (+ 521)
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Celeste (aka Lester) is a monster/creature/amalgamation that has been a beloved character and first sona of mine that I created 2011/2012 as my first sona. She has so much art, story, and meaning behind them, they became a mascot in a way. Never Offer on, ask for, copy, (etc) Celeste. I call her a her, but she's not a girl. Please only refer to her as they/them if we're not friends! She gives the best hugs, smells like the rain, an ice cooler, or a hearth, and snacks on her Neck Stars sometimes.

Celeste is usually depicted as more of a creature, but can be drawn anthro/humanoid as well!

General Palette; does NOT have to be exact (Have fun with it!)


Celeste is an amalgamation of features inspired by real-life creatures (polar bear body, lion mane, otter tail, fish scales, frog arms, fish gills, cloven hooves, deer antlers, tusks, bat/possum/bunny ears, etc). Her design is open to stylistic interperitation, but the following are things that should be taken into account:

Design Notes

  • Celeste has lanky legs, muscular arms, and a bit of a gut.
  • White furry head and mane with a stripe of white fur on the top of her thick yet flexible otter-like tail.
  • Damp, blue frog-like skinned chest, front arms, and two stripes going down her tail (on either side of the white stripe)
  • Scaly black belly, back legs, and tail bottom
  • Her back legs are cloven hooves, and she has two blue two-pronged antlers on her head
  • Her blood is blue, with exception of a patch of red blood that flows through her nose and cheek area (giving her a blushing/flustered look)
  • She has sharp but blunt edged teeth and a scalloped tongue
  • Expressive pupils with blue eyes (generally no visible white)
  • Her ears are large and rounded/triangular, but crimped at the tips, with blue ribbed insides
  • She has about four gills: two pairs on her chest. They are open when breathing water, and closed when breathing air.
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Biology (click for full images) WIP

Celeste's body has strange biology that effects her physiology. She has a two distinct circulatory systems (the reason why is still unknown). One is Blue in color, and is cold-blooded. The other is Red in color, and warm-blooded.

Double Blood System

The blood system seems to be able to shift around in its postition in the body and where it's primarily pumping to; for example: in her main form, her body is mostly being circulated with the blue blood, with the red blood being stored in her core and is only seen on her cheeks and nose.

Circuation Differences

The circulation of the two types of blood can also be shifted around. These changes occur in shifts with her emotions, and in some extreme heightened times, these shifts can change her physical form as well. These forms can last for a while and she shifts back to 'normal' when the connected emotion subsides. How this works is a mystery, and she's extremely hard to observe in these times since her emotions make her flighty, avoidant, and/or volatile.

Form Tree

For some reason, blood will occationally be expelled to replenish itself. Depending on the form, it comes out in different ways, but will crystalize (like snowflakes) into a star-shape. Her main form will sometimes have these stars stick in her mane. She'll eat them, too, for nutrients. Yum!

Blood Stars
Emotional Forms (WIP)
As explained in the previous tab, Celeste has different forms. These forms are only taken in times of very extreme emotion. Note that the designs are never exact and can be slightly different every time! The known forms are as follows:

Primary/Main Form
Celeste's main form has an even blood balance, with the red blood keeping to the core and only really seen on her cheeks and nose as a 'blush' appearence, and her blue blood is more active (seen in wounds, mouth, inner ear, etc) Sometimes extra blood will form stars on her neck in blue or pink


Euphoric Form
When experiencing extreme euphoria, Celeste's body will be overtaken with her blue blood! Although it's cold blood, she's warm to the touch as she bounds around! She releases excess Red Blood as a pink vapor she exhales + little pink stars stuck to her nose and cheeks.


Sorrowful FOrm
When struck with extreme sadness, Celeste's body will shift. Her Red Blood overtakes her bottomside and face, and Blue Blood covers her back. Her face and eyes are pink, and she cries big watery tears.


Desolate Form
When feeling completely broken and depressed, Celeste's blood types mix together into a purple sludge, making her sluggish and cloudy-minded. She's mostly amphibious in this form. She tends to hide and avoid things like this.


Revolted Form
In cases of extreme disgust, Celetes's blood favors Red domanance, but strangely the bood types become repelled from one another and make her form look divided. She's somewhat furred but mostly covered in skin. If in this form for a while, her face begins to split in two.


Enraged Form
In this form, Celeste's body is taken over by her Red Hot Blood. It's covered in fur, and becomes overheated, volatile, and very distructive yet protective. Her excess Blue blood comes out of her skin like spikes, or out of her mouth as she spits them out.


Mud Form
Not much is Known about this form, it was seen once and it was completely dormant and asleep, hidden away in hibernation

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