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SONG: Sister Psychic - Smash Mouth

  • psychic advisor, goes by the name "Madame Titania", puts on a very grand persona
  • has a little booth in Coney Island near the boardwalk where she reads palms
  • the sort of psychic who advertises in the Village Voice about how she can cure all your problems, destroy all your enemies, and remove all curses and evil eyes placed upon you
  • for only a small fee, of course!
  • probably can't really do any of those things but hey, it's entertainment
  • she's enigmatic, sly, canny. easygoing and friendly in a way but don't be lulled into thinking she doesn't always have the upper hand
  • Iris is her younger sister; they have a rocky relationship
  • which is to say Iris hates her. part of this is over Arista's line of work (Iris considers her a con artist), but there's more to it than that
  • maybe they'll work it out someday
  • for now their lives are separate but not separated by much distance at all...