S N O W  S H O E


Snow Shoe is an adult male forest/snow vorox hybrid.  He has long backward facing ears and blue eyes with a light blue pupil.  He has a pink nose and paw pads.  His legs are white and fade into tan as they go up to his body.  Snow Shoe has a color mutation that makes his fur color lighter and makes him have a sand vorox coloration rather than a forest vorox color.  Snow Shoe is a bit smaller than usual due to being mixed with a snow vorox.  He has a cut on the bridge of his nose that causes a slight indent, it did not heal all the way and has exposed metal.  Snow Shoe always wears a pale pink bandana around his head that is dirty and has some burn marks on it.


  • Calm days
  • Apprentices

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Loud noises

Snow Shoe is completely blind and sees through something alike from echo location.  He can form a picture of an area around him but it is not as far out as a sighted vorox can see.  If he focuses on it he will be able to make out the expressions of others.  However since this is difficult to do he relies heavily on the tone of voice of others to figure out their mood.  He is completely unaware of the body language of vorox and often confuses others by his lack of cues.  Snow Shoe has memorized the tunnel system he lives in and sometimes will walk through it without checking if anything is out of place, relying on sound to know if someone is coming so he doesn't run into them.  Snow Shoe is unable to tell the difference from standing water and solid ground so sometimes he will unknowingly walk into a puddle or pond.  5432013_5rqof0pNvCi9kYx.png

Snow Shoe is generally a very friendly and caring person with a lot of patience.  He doesn't like to be alone but he doesn't necessarily need to be interacting with others.  He is content sitting around his pack mates and listening to them talk.  He has no issue holding a conversation though and won't shy away from social interactions.  He cares deeply for his pack mates and will do whatever he can to improve their wellbeing.

Snow Shoe is very easy going and it takes a lot to upset him.  He has a thick skin and can take a lot of insults, he is not petty.  People may think that he is a bit of a pushover because of this, however this is not the case.  Snow Shoe will not hesitate to stand up for himself when he thinks something is going to far.  Being the second in command of the pack it is his job to keep the peace.  If someone is being aggressive he will step in and remove that person until they calm down.  Snow Shoe will fight when needed but he attempts to defuse a situation in conversation before he resorts to it.  He is confident in himself and what he does.  He can be a bit stubborn with changing his views or how he does things but if someone were to make a good case he would rethink.

Snow Shoe carries himself with a bit of pride and dominance, making it clear that he is of a high rank within the pack.  However despite this he also almost always appears friendly and open.  He will always take the time to speak to others and listen to their complaints.  He is not a unapproachable leader by any means, but he does demand a certain level of respect.  Although he can handle a bit of rude behavior here and there being constantly aggressive and disrespectful will get you in trouble with him.  

It is an instinct in vorox to stay with their pack and protect the pack and Snow Shoe is no exception.  He will always put the wellbeing of members of the pack over his own.  Even those that he does not get along with he will go out of his way to protect.  Snow Shoe will not hesitate to take a bullet for someone else just so they have a chance to get away.

Snow Shoe has a soft spot for younger vorox, in particular those that are still in training.  He enjoys teaching and watching them grow and improve.  He is very patient and never appears annoyed with them even when they are struggling.


Snow Shoe came into the world completely blind and without a pack.  He stumbled through the forest, confused and alone, he was extremely lucky to not be picked off by some kind of predator.  He was captured by a glenn with the intention of making him work for them.  However due to his lack of sight it became very clear that he would be of no use to them so they sold him.  Because of his odd coloration and mixed breed he was considered exotic and kept as a pet.  He was very rarely mistreated and honestly was a bit pampered.  Since he had no other vorox to interact with he instead became very attached to his caretakers since vorox are extremely social and need a pack.  This is where he got his headband, which in reality is just a bit of ripped fabric from an old blanket.

Unfortunately this did not last long, when he was about a year old for an unexplained reason his home set ablaze and in a panic he ran into the forest and was unable to find his way back.  He then had to learn how to survive in the wild and was lucky enough to find a small group willing to help him.  Unfortunately he had to jump from group to group because they often times found him a bit odd.  He didn't act normal because he was blind and it often just simply weirded them out.  Although he wasn't able to form any close bonds with any of the other vorox he was able to learn enough skills in order to survive.

During a time when he was alone again he found and took in Jake who became his first apprentice.  They became very close and decided to just stay as a pair rather than find a group to join.  Shortly after Jake came across Simon who Snow Shoe happily accepted into the group.  As the oldest Snow Shoe lead the group and worked in teaching the both of them.  Things were going well until a fight with a keerin separated the group and they lost Simon.  Jake and Snow Shoe searched for him but weren't reunited for another two years with Simon.  When they did they were invited into his pack he had joined and taken control of.  Snow Shoe eventually earned the rank of second in command after gaining the trust of the pack.

Non Canon Information.

8325797_jm4a7H3fryzEBzR.pngSnow Shoe is a very important character to me.  He is one of the first character that I became very attached to and he will always be one of my favorite characters.  I have generalized anxiety and social anxiety and one of my coping techniques is to use things that bring me comfort and remind me that I am okay.  Snow Shoe is used as an imaginary friend of sorts and I pretend he is with me when I am upset or scared.  He is my protector from negative feelings or the scary things lurking in the shadows when I go to take out the trash.  The version of him that I use for this purpose is different from the canon one.  The true version of Snow Shoe has more issues as that is what makes a character more interesting but the version I think of that protects me is fearless, protective and basically just a sweet, caring guardian.  He is a gentle giant.

Rules for Drawing

  • NO NSFW.  Nothing sexual, nothing suggestive.  Must always be purely SFW.   Vorox have no genitals of any kind.  This includes nipples.
  • No ship art, even crack ships. 
  • Snow Shoe has no whites to his eyes, they must always be pure blue.  Any white in his eyes should only be used as a reflection.
  • His scar causes a slight indent in his muzzle, it is not just a grey stripe on his face.8666433_w6m1L9LOBSdVNgV.png?1559923340
  • Snow Shoe can be feral or anthro.  Anthro does not have any clothing at any time apart from his headband.