Snow Shoe



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Snow Shoe

Species - Forest vorox and snow vorox hybrid
Gender - Male
Pack - Shyon
Rank - Second

Snow Shoe is a bit smaller than normal because he's mixed with a snow vorox, which is a very small breed.  Snow Shoe has light blue eyes with a faded white circle serving as a pupil. He has a color mutation that makes his color more alike from a sand vorox rather than a forest vorox.  He wears a pale pink bandana around his head. It is a bit dirty and has a few burn marks on it.
Snow Shoe is a light tan color all over his body apart from his legs. His legs fade down into a pure white color, the fade from tan to white starts at the hip of each leg.  Snow Shoe's paw pads and nose is a light pink color.  On the bridge of his nose is a deep cut that has gone through his first layer of skin. This scar has caused a very noticeable indent and allows you to see the metal layer underneath the skin layer.

Snow Shoe is blind but can see with something very similar to echo location. He can see a wide area around him, but not as far as a sighted vorox would be able to.  He cannot make out expressions of others unless he really focuses on it.  He also cannot tell the difference from the ground and a body of water as both look solid to him.  If the water is moving, like a river for example, he will be able to tell it isn't just normal ground.

Snow Shoe is usually a very calm and collected vorox.  He is understanding and patient with others and makes a very good teacher. However he does have a tendency to be very stubborn about changing the way he does things even when others insist their way is better.
At first glance one would think Snow Shoe is a bit of a push over as it is quite difficult to anger him, however this is not the case.  If someone steps out of the line and he feels they are endangering themselves or others he will not hesitate to step in.  Snow Shoe is the second in command of the Shyon pack and when he needs to he will remind his fellow pack mates that he is the dominate one around here. 
Snow Shoe can most commonly be seen laying in the common area of the Shyon tunnel system either just resting and watching his pack mates or just chatting with his close friends.