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Genesis Skull




Continuum is a sentient universe contained within a Genesis Skull. Abandoned by time, the skull sits in a bone yard located on planet Atelier, a small planet set within our own universe. The skull, along with several like it, is watched over by a mouse of questionable sanity called the Bone Lord. The life and physics of this micro universe resemble our own, and it is even possible for life to pass between both as long as they have the ability or technology to do so.

After realizing the dwellers of the surrounding skulls posed a threat to him, Continuum created a guardian species called the Twilight Engineers. They are immortal beings who exist for the sake of protecting their universe from outside threats. However, like Continuum, they have their own sentience and personalities, which can sometimes lead to them going astray from their duties. Continuum often interacts with them by appearing as a unique entity specific to their liking. For example; he always appears as an owl to the post-Heavenly lives of Spin, and speaks to Orion by possessing his favourite sword. While he claims to be neutral towards the guardian's activities, and claims not to involve himself in any situation that does not directly threaten his existence, he has a habit of offering guidance towards some guardians (mainly Spin) that has often come across as manipulative and troublesome. When this is pointed out, he says it is done for the sake of keeping a balance between order and chaos. He claims that no universe can exist without a balance of both, and the actions of certain guardians have a tendency of unbalancing the scales.

The majority of the skull contains a universe identical to the dimensions we are familiar with. The two large horns, however, contain a space that can be related to what many races call the afterlife. When mortal creatures die, their souls are no longer able to interact with the universe and travel to either one of the horns where they then pass through many different types of layers until they reach the tip of the horns. 


  • Imagery of the skull tends to show up randomly throughout the universe. Spin uses it on her broadcasting system's test card.