Theo Hart



2 years, 3 months ago

Basic Info


Theodore Hart


Introduces himself as Theo













Significant Other

Una Apidelca (girlfriend)

Creation Year



Sara Hart (mother, deceased), Ford Hart (father) Rhett Hart (older brother, deceased)


Bluestar, Guettris - Elicilsika

Current Home

Guettris - Elicilsika


Physical Appearance

  • Medium-length chocolate brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Fair skinned
  • Physically fit with a lean yet decently muscled build
  • Somewhat tall in height

Clothing Style

Theo's general style is mostly cowboy/western themed, his casual outfits usually consisting of button up shirts and jeans with a leather belt. He also tends to wear boots, usually cowboy styled, more often than any other shoe type. His favorite colors are blue, white, and black, and he tends to make sure he always looks sharp even when dressed casually. Although not vain, he does take pride in his appearance and enjoys keeping it in order. Theo also frequently rides his horse, so he can often be seen wearing appropriate riding gear, such as riding boots, chaps, etc. He also has a healthy collection of hats, mostly cowboy hats, although he does have one medium sized black and white-threaded sombrero with hanging tassels around the brim. This was a spontaneous gift from one of his colleagues and he has a tendency of wearing it while playing his guitar, especially outdoors with a group of people from the saloon.

His working uniform while at the saloon consists of a white long sleeved collared shirt over a white sleeveless shirt and white and black vertical striped pants with black shin-high boots. His long sleeved shirt fastens with interior buttons and black cuffs, and he wears black ribbons tied around both arms above the elbow and around his neck. He also wears a black buckled leather belt.


Theo is a cheery and friendly country boy with a lot of love to give. He always seems to have an optimistic and whimsical demeanor and takes life one step at a time. He's usually very mellow and happy, which makes him rather uplifting and easy to get along with and talk to, which is why he enjoys his job as a bartender. He tends to be very charming and poetic with his words, and he tends to have his head in the clouds most of the time and can be a touch inattentive or careless when he's daydreaming. It's obvious that Theo is in touch with his feminine side and maintains a good balance between it and his masculine side. Theo also has a love for the outdoors, nature, and children. He's very comfortable interacting with kids and they seem to like him very easily. Theo especially enjoys horseback riding, his horse being a brown snowflake patterned Appaloosa named Roy. Although they currently live in a rather dusty and barren area of the desert, Theo prefers to ride out a little further closer to a shallow river valley so there's more greenery around. Theo's hometown was oddly fertile during his childhood, and he looks back fondly on the times he spent with his mother collecting wildflowers. For this reason Theo has a bit of a weakness for flowers, his favorite being bluestars.

Theo is very comfortable with his life, personality, and looks, but he gets annoyed when people treat him poorly for it (since his hometown was filled with tough men that tended to look down on him for his demeanor). The region he lives in isn't terribly progressive, despite him living in the largest city in the desert and therefore the most progressive place for miles around. For this reason he tends to get treated differently or just get odd looks for being in touch with his feminine side, which he doesn't much appreciate. He's a little touchy sometimes when others comment on his behavior too frequently or call him flamboyant, mostly because the subject has gotten old very quickly for him over the years. He is extremely touchy when people question his sexual orientation, not because he sees a problem with being different but because most people that do tend to imply he doesn't actually love his girlfriend or that she's a "coverup," which is the best way to offend him quickly. Although he's normally a peaceful person, it's obvious that Theo will stubbornly stand up for his values no matter what and does not allow himself to be walked over anymore. That doesn't necessarily mean he's always capable of asserting himself physically as much as he can verbally though, and he can often get in over his head since he has a habit of not knowing when to shut up if the person he's confronting might be provoked to violence. He does know when to mind his own business and keep a cool head when at work though, but when off the clock he doesn't always practice the same amount of caution.

Theo is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Una, and she has him utterly wrapped around her finger. He loves being around her, especially since her job has her running all over the world for deliveries, so he cherishes every moment he can have with her. He is completely honest and genuine about his affections and often speaks about her in adoration to others, even if Una is mildly embarrassed by the attention he tends to bring to her. Their relationship is relatively equal, although it is clear that Una wears the theoretical pants in the relationship and tends to be the more dominant one about 70% of the time. She is also quite a bit stronger than Theo, and he gets weak in the knees and his heart goes aflutter whenever she beats down bad guys and/or sweeps him off his feet. Theo tends to shower her in praise, especially in poems or song that he's oh too willing to share with everyone to express how much he adores her. He also has a firm desire to teach her to dance, which she is having none of, but that doesn't seem to put a damper on his enthusiasm.


  • Skilled with firearms, particularly pistols
  • Skilled at horseback riding
  • Skilled at playing guitar, singing, dancing, and whistling


  • Easy to approach, friendly, and a good listener
  • Optimistic, confident, and uplifting
  • Reliable, responsible, and organized
  • Loyal, good with children, and charming


  • Doesn't tend to back down in situations where he's outmatched or outnumbered
  • Stubborn and usually sassy when he shouldn't be
  • Hopelessly head over heels for his girlfriend and can get completely distracted by her
  • Although fit and relatively strong, he's a bit weak compared to the people he ends up getting into trouble with


Theo was the second son of the Hart family, and while his older brother received all their father's attention, Theo spent almost all his time a few steps behind his mother. Compared to his father and older brother, Theo initially was rather quiet and meek since he was mostly left out of their activities. However, his mother nurtured him to be a caring, free spirited boy with a love for music, and he eventually grew out of his shyness with her coaxing. Unfortunately, his mother fell ill later into his childhood and she spent months bedridden before finally dying.

Theo was prodded into learning to wield a gun and horse riding, which he became rather skilled at, but he could never live up to his father's expectations since he always compared him to his older brother. His father also often berated him for his "feminine" behaviors that he picked up from his mother, although Theo's brother usually encouraged him not to let their father bring him down. In Theo's early teen years, his brother was killed in a shootout in town, and his father became even harder on him since he was the only family he had left to inherit their farm. Eventually his father became so disgusted with his son's behavior he threatened to disown him if he didn't start acting like a "real man." At age 15, Theo packed up and left home in the middle of the night to save his father the trouble.

Theo moved to a distant city, the capital of Guettris, where he searched for a place to stay and for some work. After a few days of living on the streets, he was taken in by the owner of a local saloon, a woman named Soleigh, and she gave him a job busing dishes. As Theo got older he worked his way up to bartender and got an apartment of his own shortly before meeting Una Apidelca, a mercenary messenger that often stopped by the bar after finishing nearby delivery routes. The more Una passed through town the more they got to know each other, and they started dating. They've currently been together for a little over five years.

He continues working as a bartender, although the saloon he works at has only gotten larger and more popular as the city as a whole became more advanced in technology over the years. He's noticed his father has started frequenting the city since their hometown has lost much of its population and businesses. Theo tries to avoid him at all costs to keep from angering him because Theo hasn't changed a bit.

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