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Name Kvadrat

Pronouns he/him

Age adult

Race -

Spectrum Magnitude Fragment

Homeland ???

Location ???


As the integral square structure, Kvadrat is the living embodiment of squares, parallels, and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Squares exist because Kvadrat exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

He's bubbly and bright - not annoying, but always chipper and with a smile. He spends his days recording the lives of mortals, and has adapted to their growth the best of the Mags, always aware of new advancements and how best to apply them. While the others are still on pen and paper, Kva has evolved to encompass talents of coding, podcasting, speeches, videomaking, blogging, livestreams, talk shows, and digital documentation. 

As the designated IT guy and historian, Kva juggles being the Mags' archivist with being Prav's partner, arguably the most irritable and disliked of the bunch. Though his relationship raises eyebrows, Kva's never got a bad word to say about his boyfriend.

He loves feeling useful, and most of his life revolves around pursuing the sensation diligently. If he's not busy or working, he's doing something wrong, right? Better get back to getting tapes of that really important political meeting.


Biographic Information 

Phonetics kee-vah-drat

Height heehee!

Birthdaywhat a cute mortal concept!

Eraadult, yes!

Universeoh no thank you!



Occupation official historian

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Squares

AlignmentNeutral Good


Primary ThemeKept

Secondary Theme-


Partner(s) Pravougaonik

Best FriendKolo

Oldest Friend Ellipsa


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Extremely submissive. Enjoys helping other people, can be bullied into doing literally anything that's not immoral. One might think he's miserable, doing so much work for other people, but genuinely loves to feel helpful and hardworking.

Generally forgettable and unintimidating. Doesn't really mind, likes it when people remember him. Uncomfortable when spotlight is on him. Prefers working in the background, away from attention.

Too busy to spend much time with friends, but is polite and amicable enough that many people feel fine still calling him as such. Takes work and his word very seriously; tries not to lie or talk bad on others. If someone is genuinely on his shitlist, they've earned their place. 

Not spontaneous, nor does he (or others) consider him "fun". Much prefers stability and routine, thankfully.


redux is to be happening eventually!!


 KVA!!! <3 … @ 


Locationa time cube!

Following 41


Joined ???

  • Technology
  • Marshmallow cereal
  • Stacking plates
  • Snow
  • Popsicles
  • Peresekat fiddling
  • Losing track of where Prav is
  • New people
  • Tripping

kva he/him really this account is just for my ramblings
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Art: @perfectlyparallel
Private: @gloriousparallels

reminder to self to check disc 55153-9BT stop fucking around on whizpr you moron
signed, past kva

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Pravougaonik     (partner)
If Kva's asked what he likes in Prav, he swears by the other's supposed soft spot and their mutual liking of spying on mortals. He doesn't quite agree with Prav's... loud opinions on the other Mags, but since Prav never vocalizes them around Kva, he pretends they don't exist.


Shestiugolnik     (friend)
Sessy's always out in the field, meeting with people and connecting with them, gathering information and changing the courses of Timelines. And he's even asked Kva to help him out with some stuff!! It's an honor, really! He's so happy to help!


Zehneck     (friend)
Zehneck is upbeat and nice, and also not too personable. He's also a good debate parter for talking about morality and ethics, which the two have bonded over. He's also a great voice of reason whenever Kva's having doubts or uncertainties.


Prizma     (friend)
Prizma is really nice, and keeps in contact with Kva to give him information on their Timelines. It's nice to have someone else doing the heavy lifting of gathering the info for once, even if it's mostly for Prizma's own benefit. Still, thank you!!


Trapetsiya     (friend)
Trapet's just a genuinely nice person, and he's generous enough that it's hard to ignore the niceties. Kva likes writing about his escapades within Timelines, and has kept it all very hush-hush at Trapet's request. He likes getting little electronic trinkets as gifts in return.


Farley     (so cute!)
Farley spends most of his time online, which is good, because that means Kva has an easy time stalking him. Though Farley resists his follow-and-rewhizpr regimen, Kva hasn't let up, nor does he plan to - eventually he'll unlock Farley's secret friendship!


Proximity     (friend)
Prox is more than happy to talk to Kva about all his online ventures, and even admitted to following some of his accounts as a sort of free worldly wisdom. Though they aren't super close, he's still very doting on Prox, who seems to inexplicitly hang off his words.


Trougao     (friendly)
Kva was on the three-person team who went to rescue Trougao from the Alpha Timeline. Though he's a little iffy on the other's... well, attempt to regain a sense of identity (the outfit's weird, Trou!), he's glad the other's finally reintegrating and coming out of his shell.


Polumesec     (eh)
Polum's kinda a jerk, but Kva sort of likes it. Maybe. Uh. Moving on. Most of the dreams he gives Kva are relatively tame. And whenever he's awake, though rarely, Kva is usually his go-to if Ellipsa isn't around. It makes Kva feel special and wanted.


Juice     (acquaintance)
Some people in the world are like natural disasters, whether of their own fault or not. Kva is always careful to stay out of their way - and Juice is one of said people, erratic, disregarding, and violent. People vouch that he's actually quite sweet, but Kva's not taking any chances.


Sekizgen     (rocky terms)
Things with Sek were okay until his partner died and Kva tried to hook him up with some other versions of them from other Timelines. Sek really wasn't too pleased about that, nor was he pleased when Kva offered to tell him how his partner's alternate selves were doing.


Rendgen     (jerk)
Ren is less intentionally a jerk and more just a jerk since he only cares about one thing: Jubilee. Which, like, OKAY, but the obsession is a little weird and he lets everything else go south in favor of hyperfixation. Which rubs Kva the wrong way, in every way. Sigh.


Dijamant     (asshole)
Dij is just... ugh. He's loud, self-centered, and keeps trying to bully Kva into writing down the histories of all the Timelines he's ruined. Plus, Prav dislikes him, which only compounds Kva's distaste. And Dij is never direct when he dislikes someone.


Trivia ▢

  • Loves green! But pink is really cute too! Yellow is a close second!
  • Loves interviewing random mortals, posing as a journalist
  • Enjoys chewing and biting things, and usually accidentally ends up eating whatever he's chewing on by virtue of crunching it into pieces (oops?)
    • Almost never eats actual food, just chews on non-foods (steel rebar, little mechanical pieces, TV remotes, nails, etc.)
  • Strongest sense is hearing; strongest taste is... uh....
  • Ambidextrous
  • Cannot suspend disbelief long enough to play most video games; gets confused thinking they're retellings of real events and starts cross-referencing dialogue with his own notes
    • Can play games without stories, though (yes this includes Tetris and Minecraft)
  • Keeps records of his favorite mortals in a notepad; keeps this in a pants pocket at all times
  • Also keeps special count of all the couples Prav has stuck together that actually made it
  • Still has a bit of a grudge against Dij for... y'know... taking over Timelines and fucking with their natural history
  • Easily flustered and blushes all over when flustered
    • Blushes multiple colors most of the time, actually
  • His moral code boils down to "do no harm", but has a trillion different exception clauses and sometimes contradictory information
    • Honestly, Kva doesn't really know what he's doing, he just thinks he's right
    • Does enjoy talking to Zehneck about it all, even if Zenny is more well-thought-out than he is
  • Ok don't kill me.... voice claim
    • His voice is adjacent to nasally and is ridiculously high-pitched for an adult

Public Perception ▢

Popular online under his many false names. Seen as the "real" news for his unbiased accounts and eerily-accurate information. If he exists in a Universe, his sites are usually accepted as academic sources and as primary accounts of all historical situations. Identity is often a hotly-debated topic, with many different camps.

Liked by the COR; same deal. Impeccable records of Fragment activity, though not as extensive as mortal history, still useful for TImeline categorization. Sometimes shows up personally to talk to people and it's always a big event. 

Friendly among the Mags. There's almost nothing bad to say about the guy. That's our square!

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