Hrutxcan (Referenced Species)



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From a distance, humans might identify one as the midpoint of a centaur or a cockroach. Their chitinous shells grow faster than the rest of their bodies - and a single individual is unable to do the necessary trimming, without which a Hrutxcan will eventually become immobile and die.

They live in groups - a powerful matriarch holding sway over up to 50 or so individuals. Usually, though, it's less than 10. Her husbands are her enforcers, there may be lesser wives in larger groups. Children are seen as belonging to the matriarch, and to a lesser extent the siring husband. Lesser wives are largely dispossessed, albeit cared for according to contributions.

They are very territorial, whatever they define a properly sized territory to be.... it tends to be smaller if in the presence of other species; A group will have "their town", or "their block", or "their wing", regardless if they actually control all goings on there.

Since their homeworld was introduced to space travel, conflicts within their society have settled down significantly, because there's always someplace else to go. Consequently, most mixed colonies/towns (and many otherwise single-species colonies) will have a Hrutxcan clan in walking distance, which can always be called on the defense of that colony if need arises. Was actually raised offworld by a Hrutxcan clan. Her face shows it, intentionally.