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  • shiny/sparkly hair and shark skin
  • copper shark
  • has sharp teeth, but doesn't really ever smile
  • pointy elfish ears in shark form
  • 5'9" as a human, ??? as a shark

a young, ambitious, spirited shark, gale could do anything he wanted.
that is, until he decided he wanted to walk on land... who could help him with that?
he heard there was a sea witch who could do anything, though there was always a price... in his case, she said:
"for your bite, I'll grant your wish"
his bite? easy! his teeth regrow so quickly anyway, what does it matter?
he didn't hesitate to agree... but all she took from him is one single tooth
...that, and his spirit, his passion, his heart. there's more than one meaning to "bite", after all

galene, also known as gale, wears a necklace of his own tooth around his neck. it's magical, and lets him switch between human and shark form
he is more or less completely apathetic. he feels on some level that he should try to get his spirit back, but it's kind of hard to care when you're completely unable to care
he works as a bartender. he's really good at listening