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As the integral decagon structure, Zehneck is the living embodiment of it and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Decagons exists because Zehneck exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Self-assigned arbiter of morality, of curiosity, of ethics, of debates, of the questions the universe has chosen to leave unanswered, Zehneck diligently pursues philosophy. What philosophies? Simply: every single one, in various spades, in an attempt to completely and utterly understand every speck of nuance in the known world. An impossible task, granted, but one he deeply enjoys.

The primary mode of exercising this interest is through interrogating the vectors of change and nuance themselves: mortals. Fleeting lives filled with snap-second decisions means that, inevitably, every mortal suffers guilt or regret, makes a poor decision, or suffers unjustly. The more they ruminate on these thoughts, the more Zehneck can sense it, and appears to them to harass them about their actions. 

If they justify themselves suitably or admit their faults, Zehneck lessens their punishments, offers quiet help, or makes their lives easier. If they senselessly argue their own merits and refuse to listen, Zehneck worsens their sentences, ruins parts of their lives, or twists their benefits in some fashion. For those rare few who are too belligerent to even grace Zehneck with responses, he locks them in a personal hell. As such, his name is known amongst the Timelines - the devil, the angel, the god, all wrapped into one.

Among his peers, the Mags, he's seen as sensible, outgoing, intelligent, rational, and the communal therapist. He's not the most emotional of the bunch, but he's always got advice for any situation, and looks out for the others diligently. The epitome of dad energy, really.

Biographic Information

Name Zehneck



Height taller



Universei mean, if you're offering...

Occupation arbiter

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Decagons

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Capra

AlignmentTrue Neutral

Primary Theme ♬Shepard Tone

Secondary Theme ♬Airpipe (To A New Transition)

Clearly smart, intelligent, observant, perceptive, and clever. Constantly asking questions, well into the realm of annoyance, likes seeing how long people will hold out politely.

Great pattern-seer - notices them quickly, connects them together, and understands why and how things function with ease. Couple this with a strong gut instinct and keen intuition, and you get someone great for giving counsel and unravelling mysteries. Good at gauging risks, too. Trusts his judgment and elaborates on it with well-spoken and thought-out arguments. 

Struggles with fully grasping self-doubt and loathing, as they're foreign concepts to him. Empathizes and pities, but already isn't the most emotional guy, and can come off as chilly or too rational. Very loyal to people who have earned his trust, but doesn't vocalize it with affection or attachment - keeps tidy distance between him and friends, though he does hold them closer than most. Expresses his care by giving you advice.

Legitimately doesn't feel very strong emotions, if much at all. Doesn't really see this as a flaw, but knows it makes connections with the more emotional Mags hard. Sometimes leans on Linija to point out what he's missed or let fly over his head, in attempts to compensate.

Upholds moral clarity as the most important virtue, and generally tries to guide his friends down that path. Fumbles when their emotions get in the way of that pursuit, and sometimes needs to step back himself to analyze and remind himself of their feelings.

Good sense of humor, though he doesn't joke often. Likes deadpan or dry irony, and giggles heartily when exposed to it. Thinks most situations are rather funny, and enjoys pointing that out.

g-getting there.

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Linija     (partner)
Linija and Zenny are the longest-lasting relationship among the Mags, and it shows in their casual and relaxed trust around each other. They do spend a good chunk of their time apart, but they always clearly have a good understanding of each other and a lot of fun. Plus, they're both worshipped deities. Sometimes as lovers. 


Kolo     (close friend)
Kolo is someone who gets very stressed out, very fast. Zenny would like to look out for him better than he does, but Kolo has a lot of walls and actively resists breaking them down. So, Zenny resorts to trying to tell jokes or lighten his mood instead. Kolo's prone to taking on more than he should, so Zenny proactively picks up his slack, too.


Srce     (friend)
Srce loves talking about ethics, even if his opinions aren't fully fleshed out. Zenny suspects that he's fishing for some sort of law that would validate Srce's negative self talk, and so censors himself to a degree accordingly. Still, despite that, Srce's an engaged conversation partner, and Zenny loves talking to other people, so win-win.


Ellipsa     (friend)
Ellipsa and Linija are close, and Ellipsa makes a point to befriend everyone - therefore, Zenny was on that list. Though they have little in common socially or in interests, Ellipsa is a good listener, and has no problems sipping tea while Zehneck word-vomits and works out issues he's been having.


Juice     (hilarious)
Juice is an interesting figure, and one Zehneck wanted to question whenever he joined the Mags. It took him forever, though, to catch onto the fact that Juice was just lying and giving him escalating nonsense answers. Rather than being upset, Zenny finds it comedic. He doesn't bug Juice anymore, either. He'll come clean in time.


Pyatiugolnik     (friendly)
Oh, Pya. Saying he has issues is an understatement, but where to even begin? He's just as resistant as Kolo when it comes to friendship, but then he looks after people so piningly... well, Zenny's just glad Pere managed to break through his barriers, even if Pere's not his first choice. Hopefully he flourishes and comes out of his shell.


Trougao     (therapist)
Zenny has been trying to reintegrate Trou into society at large ever since he's returned. The most recent of these exploits was the new outfit, which he wholeheartedly supports and loves as self-expression. Overall, they have a positive working relationship, and Zenny is very happy Trou is finally starting to move forwards.


Quantum     (therapist...?)
Quantum has been through a lot, and Kolo recc'd him therapy. Unfortunately for both him and Zenny, Quantum is highly untrusting and refuses to discuss with him. Most of the time, Zenny gets second-hand information from Srce. He's happy Quantie at least has someone, and understands that it's not him. He won't pry.


Peresekat     (friendly?)
Pere is very silly. He's got this entire plan to fix the world - normal, for Mags, yes! - but when it comes to arguing his points, opinions, and options, he seems exasperated. "We've already done this," he says, like Zenny doesn't have new angles to poke at it from! What a shame, since his solution does pose some interesting ethical questions.


Prizma     (come now, speak!)
Prizma likes running billions of tests of chance on a handful of Timelines he keeps. Zenny respects his territory and doesn't manifest in those Timelines, but keeps poking at Prizma asking him to talk about the inevitability of fate and if what Prizma is doing is just or torture. Prizma won't return his calls. :(


Dijamant     (eyes emoji)
Dij is an interesting case. But he can never be talked down from anything, making him infuriating at times as well. Zenny can see a lot of potential in him to be a good, strong leader, but he knows there's something inside that's poisoning the well, and Dij won't let him get at it. Him taking a robust interest in Kolo only adds to the mystery.


Polumesec     (we need to talk)
"Dislike" is a strong word. Zenny doesn't dislike Polum. He's just the Mag that Zenny likes least. And while there are not many things that Zenny is scared of to generate nightmares for, he doesn't ever seem to sleep. However, Zenny is careful never to speak ill about Polum to anyone, though - gossip is wrong, after all. 



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Decagons, customs, arguments
Perception, interpretation, learning
Coercion, conclusions, judgment

Power: to enact decisions

Tarot Card: Wheel of Fortune

Timeline: omega Ω

Name Origins

"Zehneck" comes from German zehneck, which means decagon. It's the name closest to his unspeakable truename, but mortals know him by many other names - mostly the names of their gods, angels, and demons, all wrapped into one.


Zenny has an enromous ledger of all the guilt of every mortal in existence, though rather than being on paper or in a book, it's abstract: more a conceptual mindspace anyone can begin to tap into if they concentrate enough. Zenny doesn't need to "read" the ledger so much as idly think about it.

When mortals take an action that they feel guilty about, their name is added to the ledger with all the details of the action. Zenny can then pick mortals he will manifest to and debate their actions with. The guilt is an integral part of the recipe, as guilty mortals in general are more obsessive about actions they regret/feel guilt over, which means Zenny gets to prod them more.

When he manifests, he pulls mortals out of their Timelines and into Sheol, a piece of spacetime he carved himself. It is a gray, featureless room, where mortals are compelled to speak only their true beliefs. Mortals in Sheol understand who Zehneck is, where they are, and believe he is a deity (so there's no confused "where am I?") regardless of their spiritual beliefs. 

While in Sheol, they are given a chance to debate their case with Zehneck. He's less interested in the objective good or bad of their actions, and more about listening to their justifications, refuting them, and seeing how well they can hold up against his rebuttals.

If they successfully argue themselves or justify their actions, Zehneck returns them to their Timeline, and lightens their in-universe punishment (if, say, they were in jail for a crime) or guilt as a way of thanking them for their time and effort. What counts as a successful argument? Eh. It's mostly up to Zenny's whims at the moment. Generally they don't have to out-debate him, just defend their point with conviction.

Mortals who are combative, unresponsive, rude, or unwilling to discuss are removed from Sheol and instead taken to...


...Which is another bit of spacetime Zehneck has created, primarily as a place of repentance. Mortals here relive the cause of their guilt over and over, every minute of it, with compounding sensations of overwhelming regret and desperation to leave until they break down. Upon that point, Zehneck arrives and asks them if they're willing to discuss, now. If they are? They're taken to Sheol and the duo debate. If not, back into the cycle they go.

So, y'know. Close enough to hell.

Personal Beliefs

Zehneck generally debates morality and ethics, though he never quite lets on to what he believes - primarily because there's very little he believes in as objective truth. In some sense, he holds a reverence towards concepts he thinks are above him - what a mortal might call karma, or justice - and defends their existence, but would struggle to define what they mean or how they should be applied to lives.

The debates and discussions are mostly for his own benefit, but he does do them with intention to broaden the mortals' horizons as well. Ideally they're inspired by what they talked about, feel less guilt about their behaviors, and can use what Zenny brought up as a springboard for making difficult decisions later, or moving on easier if they have to make another hard decision. 

He doesn't enjoy putting mortals in Thagirion, but c'mon, don't be a belligerent child!

In Fights

Dodges everything, it's quite annoying. Pokes aggressors with questions the whole time, trying to get under their skin, see their reactions. Generally prefers to not get his hands dirty, but will incapacitate people who hurt bystanders, innocents, or property - by sending them to Sheol as cooldown. Cooldown for babies.

He's like a taunt tank with 96% evade. 

In reality he has enough skills in combat that he'd be formidable, having trained with Linija for most of his life. But he doesn't hone them often anymore, and though his magic pools are vast, he doesn't really think to hurt mortals as a kneejerk. They're so far beneath him it'd be kinda mean to curbstomp em, right?

Living Spaces

Organized, but in a haphazard way. Tape recordings of people's confessions, guilts, and discussions with him are scattered, as are floating papers transcribing as such. Overall, feels more like an office than a home, especially with sterile white walls - but the bedroom is cozy and small, with red silk curtains and candlelight.

In the backyard, there's a courtyard with a giant statue of Lady Justice. He originally made it as a joke, when dared to by Linija, but kept it after he grew fond of her presence. Her scales tip when Zenny feels misaligned or confused about something, and he likes rubber-ducking to her. Nobody but Linija and Kolo know about that.

She also can come alive and swing around her sword. That was a prank Linija pulled, citing it'd be "badass". Zehneck agrees.

Public Perception

Genuinely the most well-known Mag, right beside Sessy. Even if a Timeline doesn't know his name, his motifs, concepts, and lore are all legends and folklore, and is equally feared as a punisher of sin and a benefactor of repenting. His appearance varies heavily, as when mortals see him, they interpret his form as being that of a god's - any god's - and so most details get muddied, save for his red horns and tail.

Respected, generally, among the COR, though it quietly condemns Thagirion. He doesn't tend to appear to Frags, though if one is especially ashamed of themselves, he just might!

Mags see him as their universal counselor, therapist, and guru. He holds this title with pride and is more than happy to distribute advice.

Self Perception

I find little to confront with when I look at myself! Of course, like anyone in this world, I make mistakes - it was part of the design, after all - but I take pains to learn and grow from them. I'm aware I could stand to be more empathetic, but all that requires is a little more mindful effort to make up for it! I want my peers to feel comfortable and safe in my presence... and a little challenged!

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)
red, gray, black, white, crimson

Favorite Weather
noontime sun

Favorite Food(s)

  • 27002276_fCpoPfYKsBhUqbb.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is sight; strongest taste is bitter
    • Ambidextrous
  • Hobbies
    • Knows how to grill without using his magic powers. Super fucking expert griller, seriously you've never had better, can cook any meat and do so expertly. He refuses to take off the "kiss the cook" apron.
    • Chess grandmaster; plays under a pseudonym in online matches. Skillfully throws some games in order to keep suspicion off him, but relatively well-known as one of the best players in the right circles. In the same vein, he also likes Risk and Battleship.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: skilled in manipulating perceptions and places, and branches into mind-altering magics. Associated with traditions, heritages, questions, dragons, devils, angels, ethics, customs, mythos, legends, perceptions, elevation, morality, awareness, coercion, conclusions, and misunderstandings.
    • Music: anything culturally important, though he has a deep-rooted soft spot for musicals and operas. Reads critiques of their stories, pacing, and songs, and likes replying to such in his free time.
    • Stories: parables and fables. Not really for the moral lesson in the end to be taken to heart, but because he likes learning what different cultures value and where their allegiances lie. Other than that, likes reading news stories - specifically the same story from 50 different journalists.
    • Food: do you believe cruelty in the animal agricultural industry can be, morally, overlooked for the momentary pleasure of eating a hamburger? Can you support your stance with at least ten primary  references in fifteen pages?
    • Partners: "interesting" is a mean way to boil it down, but it's accurate. Anyone can catch his eye if they can hold his attention long enough - which, while not impossible, isn't exactly a breeze. He doesn't experience a lot of romantic attraction, though.
    • Traits: smart, curious, inquisitive, critical, skeptical, prying
    • Dates: let's set up a massive chess board spanning a Timeline, each side complete with its own enormous armies, and play Chess², the ultimate form of chess. Try to beat him.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: if curious mortals ask he jokingly says goats. But it's actually chameleons and seahorses.
    • Drink: seriously a huge fan of cosmo cocktails, but he'll sip just about anything as long as it's fruity. In the same vein, sangria is delicious.
    • Sweet: he's that bitch who serves you a fruit bowl instead of pastries.
    • Season: Autumn, if only for Remembrance Day.
    • Chore: taxes, and also weird shit you forget to, like cleaning the curtains or the insides of drawers and cabinets you never use.
  • Misc
    • He doesn't "make contracts" and you can't try to give him your "soul", but if he's amused enough by the suggestion he'll play along 'til the last second, just to see your reaction. If someone's struggling and honest about it, he's more likely to silently bestow luck and windfalls on them than demand their soul in exchange.
    • Voice is not as deep/as low as you'd expect; it's a relatively light, smooth tenor. He still sounds distinctly masculine, but not like, overly so.
    • Loosely implied to be the progenitor of Christian myth in various Numbers Timelines that have it.
    • His tail is shiny and polished to the touch. It emotes as he does.
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Pole Plants
      • Slugcat: Survivor
      • Karma: 10th10th.png& 5th5th.png
      • Achievement: Pilgrimage
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Dark/Psychic
      • Moveset: Judgement, Punishment, Foul Play, Perish Song
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Element, Typhoon, Growth, Joker, Blizzard

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