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  • Flags with symbols/shapes (other than polygons) may be difficult to add
  • On Firefox the 2013 Intersex Flag's circle will not scale without issue
  • Flag requests are open: comment, inbox me, or message me on Discord.
  • Credit is not required, but if asked please do link back here























Adding a Tooltip

Add data-toggle="tooltip" title="TextHere" after <div , ensure that there is a space surrounding both sides of each. Replace the TextHere in title with your desired text. You can add cursor:help; to the style to make the mouse cursor have a "?" beside it when the flag is hovered on.

Changing Size

Change the number in line-height:50px; to change the height and/or change the number in width:50px; to change the width.


This flag is
centered inline with the text.
Enclose the flag with a <div> or add class="d-block" to an enclosing tag make it display as a block and add  text-center to the class to get it to center (which will display inline with your text). Example: <div class="text-center">Text to the left INSERTFLAGHERE text to the right</div>

Changing Roundedness

Remove rounded from the class to remove the rounded edges. Add border-radius:100px; to the style and change the number & units [px|%|rem] as desired to change how round you want it.

As a Border

Flags with shapes will not work with their shapes, but you can still use their stripes.
Copy & paste this code where you want to use it: <div class="p-2" style="border:10px solid;border-image:linear-gradient(AddHere) 10;width:100px;">Inside the Border</div>
Replace "AddHere" with the list of hex codes & percents (e.g. #fff42c,#fff42c 25%,#fff 25%,#fff 50%,#9d59d2 50%,#9d59d2 75%,#000 75%) of the desired pride flag.

HTML Pride Flags

  • Free to use
  • OK to edit/change/frankenstein
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Non-Premium
  • Credit not required

HTML Pride Flags for whatever use you see fit! These pride flags are almost purely HTML (with the exception of a few that have images) and their size can be changed however desired and fit alongside text due to them displaying as inline-block