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Name Lucifer
Date Created 2/13/2015 | February 13th
Alias The Devil, Satan, Prince, Lord
Gender None, goes by either pronoun
Age Unknown
Species Archangel
Orientation E is for Everyone/thing
Blood Type Angel Blood Yup
Dominate Hand Ambidextrous
Ht./Wt. 6’6” on average but changes/???
Relationship Taken (Randy)
Living Family God, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Azrail, Raziel, and more
Voice Headcanon God Forbid

"I have many faces... None of which are my own."

From within the depths of Hell they say there once was an angel whom cried for what grace they had lost. Forsaken by their creator, spite grew in their heart. They felt they deserved just as much as mortals did and maybe even more. Their being now mangled to become a symbol of darkness and all evil rather than that of a light bringer hurt most of all. Well, if a god could punish their once favorite child so harshly, then what is to stop them from abandoning their new favorite creation...? Given the title "Satan", the fallen angel decided to own it rather than feel further despair from it and prove that mortals were just as bad if not worse than themselves.


  • Tempting people to fall to their desires
  • Teasing people
  • Sex
  • Punishing sinners
  • Being devious or a trickster
  • On the rare occasion: sleep
  • Being adored
  • Honest devotion
  • Bargaining for souls


  • The mention of God's name
  • Being called the root of all evil
  • Being blamed for peoples problems
  • Their lack of an actual face
  • People thinking they know more about them than they really do
  • The corruption Hell has brought to their body
  • Their own creations


  • Dressing up
  • Sexting
  • Playing ‘games’ with the demons
  • Learning new things
  • Listening in on drama
  • Creating demons




Usually in a seemingly good mood, Lucifer is the devil who is always up for a good time. With their cheerful demeanor being a big part of their person, its rare to see the devil with a frown on their face (or more like, mask) while in the company of others.

They seem to hide their true emotions behind that good smile. Unless talk about their past, or bringing up things written in a certain book, or even talk of their creator or their siblings comes up. Otherwise they’re perfectly fine and very well collected. Rarely breaking into anger, well, around those who are actually worth their attention at least.

Outgoing and enjoy getting their arms around as many people as they can. Lucifer simply likes the company of others. Finding themselves to be senselessly bored without it. The devil finds entertainment through a number of ways with mortals. Whether it be through similar interests, teasing/tricking them, or just looking for sex.

Truth be told the devil hates being trapped in Hell and Earth. Furthermore, on the inside they’re rather upset and irritated at everything. They just choose to keep their mouth shut about it... That being said, the devil doesn’t open up a whole lot when it comes to these things.

Things that make their day or wreck it, are actually reminders of being an angel. Lucifer loves being called an angel. It’s what they are after all. Anything harkening back to the meaning of their name, being, light bringer, is another boost. But it can also get them to lament about their current state of affairs.

All in all, Lucifer tends to look as though they are a kind person but in reality, deep down, they are filled with spite and anger. Demons are things he tends to be disgusted with but they work with them because they are abundent and crawl all over Hell. Not only that but Lucifer is a prince of Hell and the demons are their people now. Some demons are of Lucifer's creation, while others are made by Hell and coruppted souls. Whatever the case Lucifer doesn't intend to treat a lot of demons kindly. They're unruly and tend to forget their place.

Lucifer things:

  • When enraged places get dark around them, as if they're sucking up the light.
  • Their body is so corrupted that sometimes beastly noises escape them.
  • They hide their true apperance beneath layers of false looks. But they cannot hide Hell's corruption on their wings.
  • They don't enjoy murdering people or things, so its rare when they commit to killing someone.
  • They cannot taste a thing thats on earth! Mostly tastes like molecules... But they'll eat for apperance sake.
  • They have a lovely singing voice and own a speakeasy like bar in Hell where they make guest apperances at!
  • If they get drunk or laugh too hard, their mask gets all crooked!
  • They snap their fingers to make things happen.



Long ago, before man was made, there were Gods, Angels, Demons, and so much more.

There was one god in particular, whom made the angels. They were this god's children and they had made many! But of them all, Lucifer, was their most divine and most beautiful.

Lucifer was an angel that liked their position. They were given a very important job you see. The meaning of their name said it all. They were the light bringer, the justice of god. They were to punish beings that god had said were wicked. Lucifer would then condem those souls to a fate fitting of their crime. However, over time, Lucifer began to question god's judgement... Those they were sent to punish didn't always do bad things in their eyes. Surely, Lucifer could use their own judgement as well. They were the one who was sent on these jobs after all. They were proud of their work and thought themselves capable of making their own choices due to their position. Thus, they decided not to punish those who didn't seem worthy. However because Lucifer had questioned god's judgement and took to making their own choices. They had commited treason, thus they were kicked out of Heaven. This upset Lucifer greatly. Was is so bad to be proud of what they did? To want to do it correctly? They had no say in the matter either... So be it.

Onto planets and things Lucifer was forced to roam. They saw many creations and did many things... They missed out on an attack on Heaven from a strange beast... But as the centuries passed, things healed in Heaven... then they bore witness to the creation of Earth. When it was ready, they stepped foot on the rock. It was new and different from the things they had seen on other creations. But it was empty, aside from a creature or two of course. So whilst Earth was molding, Lucifer returned to Heaven. They returned to Heaven over the years but were never welcomed to stay. While some of their siblings were iffy about them, others accepted and welcomed them for the short periods they were there. They had their spats, which irritated Lucifer. They wanted a reason to distrust them, they'll give them one. Thus, out of pettiness, they went to find the beast that once attacked heaven and release them. Keeping them around as a strictly trained pet... and for company... they ended up getting close. To a point Lucifer gave them the name, Fenvris.

Overtime, Lucifer learned of God's Plan. To create Human Beings... And for Angels to show respect to them. Including himself. How is that fair? Kicked from Heaven but expected to treat beings better or higher than himself? They were said to be beings who would have free will. Would that be even more than the angel? Ugh! They were given an important role once, why must they now be subject to being even lower than that? So Lucifer started a rebellion. They gathered those siblings who were on their side and caused great strife in the Heavens. Fights were fought and tensions were growing. God had finally had enough. So god was to punish their most beautiful child. By now, Lucifer had created and was the first being to sin with PRIDE. So... since they wanted to be so prideful... god had decided to take away one thing that Lucifer took pride in the most, their beauty... So gone was Lucifer's face and thus finally casted out of heaven, permanently. With Lucifer's banishment came the few angels whom sided with them.

Out of anger and spite, Lucifer was the one to introduce human beings to sin. This further betrayal landed Lucifer in Hell. Hurt and disgraced with everything taken from them, Lucifer cried on Hell's surface for days; which they say created the river Baschimél... With everything stripped from them, Lucifer wouldn't settle for less than a position of power. Thus, they decided to fight demons, killed thousands, killed leaders, and worked their way to the top with their siblings. Many of their siblings had lost their lives in the fight to the top. But working so hard to achieve what little they could give themselves turned into success over time. However to further ruin Lucifer's grace during his personal mission, god gave Lucifer a title. Satan. It was a name that reaked of disgust and shame all at the same time. How it stung to be given that title... But Lucifer remained strong...

Hell was never a thing to be ruled before... the demons birthed from its bowels were soon creatures that Lucifer had pulled their power over. It took some fighting, some angels turned demon were lost in the madness, some betrayed Lucifer even. But Lucifer had scratched and clawed their way to become one of the six princes of Hell. Being the main ruler over them all. They managed to return to their orignal position they once held in Heaven. But instead repurposed for Hell. Punishing those they deemed worthy... Through all this however, Lucifer saw that their body was corrupting just as his siblings before him had. While he still had an angelic apperance, he was slowly being converted into a monster. Horrified by what curse seemed to be laid on them from Hell itself, they were desperate to escape it. With the help of the five other princes, a portal was created to escape from Hell. Their siblings, too ashamed of their apperances and deeming themselves too busy ruling, decided to stay in Hell. Lucifer gladly took the oppertunity however. Thus, Lucifer finds themselves freely exploring god's worlds and creations again... Being released from Hell, also got them reuinted with their trained beast, Fenvris. Except now, filled with their contempt, they have begun to corrupt whatever they can get their hands on. In fact. They planned to rule over the Earth. That is a plan that will take time...

However, despite the struggles, despite the successes... Lucifer remains faceless... and that is something they can never get back... So they think... Wherever their face... They want it back, because then, and only then, will they be at their fullest potential.


Lucifer roams the Earth freely treating it as their own playground. The time that’s spent on earth is one that of course includes them entertaining themselves with the people. Tempting mortals into sin and pleasures. Bargaining for souls. Playing games and snapping their fingers to mix things up. In general, Lucifer is just being a pain in the ass to people because they’re BORED. But that’s just on Lucifer’s off time.

Since time has passed, the devil is looking for ways to control the earth and make it their own. Be the prince of Hell and the King of Earth. Take what is god's and make it their own. Lucifer is secretly trying to find ways to make this possible, without causing too much of a noticable fuss (yet). However, their powers are limited on Earth in their current condition. Although already seemingly very powerful, Lucifer doesn't consider themselves at their top best. It's a draining feeling. But as of current, they're ruling what groups of people they can. Having their demons out there doing what they can as well. However, with things like that, demons can get a little out of hand. Still, progress is being made in making the Earth theirs.

Another goal of Lucifer’s is to build strong army leaders whom are their own children. It’s a mini goal, but one that Lucifer thinks will aid in reaching their desires further. They believe that the combination of a human and an angel is a rather powerful being. Despite how loathsome some people can be, Lucifer thinks its interesting that it's possible to make such a thing in the first place. Even if it is frowned upon for angels to procreate with people. Perhaps that's just a silly rule their creator made to limit their possiblities. Though it would seem there are complications that need to be considered. The union doesn't always take so it is not always gaurenteed that one will have a child. It’s a strange gamble to be working with honestly... it's rare to have success. But when there is success... Then that is something to look forward too...

It took Lucifer years to actually achieve success too. But with the one success they had, their beast, Fenvris had snatched up their child and devoured it. Angered by this betrayal and the removal of their single success with a human/angel hybrid, Lucifer struck Fenvris down with 8 of their mighty angelic spears. Pinning the creature to the Earth for centuries leaving the beast to bleed out. They don't plan to give up on their human/angel hybrid plan. But it will take time before another success will come to them.

As of current, Lucifer’s main goal is to locate God. Apparently, God is MIA and no angel has seen them for centuries. It’s honestly been so long that some angels who were just born around the time God vanished, doubt they were ever a thing. This leads to some angels thinking Lucifer is something of a myth as well. But they are constantly reassured that both are very real.

As well as looking for God, Lucifer is in search for their lost sibling Gabriel (Lucifer has a rocky relationship with them), and another sibling being Raziel, whom is the Keeper of God’s Secrets. Gabriel is, or was, a messenger of God, surely he'd have an idea of where they are. And if not, Gabriel was known for their powerful ability of locating a person they must give a message to. So even then, if they don't know where god is, they'll know the location of Raziel and being a diary of god, surely they'll know where god is.

Bonus Info

Songs I associate with him:

Random Facts

  • Lucifer's mask only changes expression when someone isn't looking at it or blinks. So if you rapid blink you might get a normal illusion of the mask's changing expression.
  • Without their mask Lucifer can suck up the souls and beings of anything if they are in the same room looking upon their faceless head. It clutters within their body however, and they do not evnjoy the feeling. It even makes them vomit soul residue.

One of the Six Princes of Hell:

  • Lucifer/Satan: pride/wrath
  • Beelzebub: gluttony
  • Leviathan: envy
  • Asmodeus: lust
  • Mammon: greed
  • Belphegor: sloth

They were all angels at some point. But some are more corrupted than others.

Other Names Lucifer Goes By: Satan, The Devil, Son of the Morning, The Morning Star, Apollyon, Angel of the bottomless pit, Father of Lies, Prince of this World, Prince of Darkness, Old Mr. Grim, Old Ned, Old Nick, Old Sam, Old Scratch, the Old One, Old Rip, Old Poker, Old Splitfoot, the black spy, the gentleman in black, El Diablo and bogey.


  • As the devil, it is basically very hard for a mortal to harm them.
  • Their anger can crack their mask.


  • Metals and weapons made by angels.
  • Contracts.

Accepted Headcanons From Others

[RUMOR] I actually loved some of these and want to make some canon so!: "Oh, I've heard about you. They say you had wings, once, but that God took them to better a favored one, long after you fell; they say the edges of your mouth can split wide open to swallow your enemies; they say if one steals your mask and puts it on, they can see into the endless reaches of the universe. Which one's the lie, Prince? Which one?" - Thanks Volans!

[NSFW] He had tried every fetish in the dictionary. His most favorite one is a combination of bondage and punishment that he performs onto others. On occasion, he picks someone else to do it on him and have some fine anal sex afterward. - Thanks MathewMii!



Dvorak Guy Thorn [ Disgusting Creation ]

A brand new demon whose focus is supposed to be on the advancements of mankind. All in terms of technology of course. This one is actually a prototype to a better version. This one is actually terrible. This one is actually awful horrible disgusting and a total eye sore. Kick it out get it out of Lucifer’s face. The devil isn’t very proud of their creations at all and this is one of them.


Gable and Lueshi [ Loyal Servants ]

These little demons are rather loyal. For demons. They stay close by and do everything the devil commands without hesitation. Truth be told, Lucifer appreicates them greatly. But the fact their demons tends to turn them off a little so Lucifer roughs them up a bit. Gable is Lucifer's right hand demon and Lueshi acts more like a secretary that turns people away when need be. They're both good, sometimes Lucifer secretly gives them treats. Just never souls.


Milton Danica [ Target of Interest ]

Now this kid is special. This kid has something going for him and he’s too damn blind to see it! It’s hilariously sad in that matter but anyway, this kid is highly valued. Not every half angel gets WINGS. Even if his are truly pathetic... Still. An interesting child nonetheless. Lucifer keeps a close eye on this one.


Alu [ Silly Demon ]

Lucifer finds a source of comedy out of pissing this demon off. It’s so easy to do. Not only that but geeze, he’s just the saddest thing! Poking at his feelings and making him get down on his knees and submit is fun as ever. Though, it’s hard to have fun with them when they avoid then. Hmm… Boo hoo!


Fenvris [ The Ex ]

No longer dating this creature, but once was. It was going well until the creature ate one of their children that showed the first promise of strong angelic abilties. Angered by the creature Lucifer named, they pushed them away, throwing spears into their body. Despite this, he still lives.


Randy Rutherford [ Friend OC | Loving Boyfriend ]

Say what you will, but the devil likes to go out sometimes and meet people. Lucifer… or, as they refer to themselves around Randy; Lucy… is rather taken by this mortal man. He’s such an interesting, kind, devious trickster... yet kind loving person! Randy makes Lucy feel like a true angel at times. Not only that but Lucy feels rather comfortable around him. She simply adores his interest in science as well as his hair… and his little oddities and mannerisms. They’re far from boring and being wrapped in their arms, sometimes the devil forgets they’re the devil.

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