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"Oh! I'm not lost! Besides, I'll be fine on my own, you don't need to worry!"

To some, Sophia may appear to be an outsider, from appearing oblivious to everything around her, to being incredibly passive. However, she has been known to be incredibly calm, even in situations which may seem incredibly dire. Although she can be incredibly judgemental of people, she's also been known to be rather sympathetic and rather protective of the people that she trusts. Whilst she may enjoy her independance - and would prefer to remain that way - Sophia has been known to constantly getting lost, be it in her imagination, or in her surroundings. She's also rather fussy sometimes, especially with what she eats, as well as frequently lying in order to cover up the truth which she doesn't want people to know about...

【 Name 】 Sophia 【 Gender 】 Female
【 Age 】 19 【 D.o.B. 】 March 7th
【 Origin 】 content 【 Species 】 Human
【 Role 】 Violinist, mostly...

【 Charisma 】
【 Kindness 】
【 Temper 】
【 Integrity 】
【 Intelligence 】
【 Judgement 】
【 Maturity 】
【 Humor 】

Sophia was born and raised within a small village near the light kingdom. Whilst both of her parents had previously been on the light kingdom's side, they both agreed to abandon the kingdom and start a new life since they didn't believe in the king's reasons for war.

From a young age, Sophia's parents were constantly telling her not to interact with neither the light or dark kingdom. Her parents considered the people from the kingdoms foolish and immature, as they always seemed to start fighting over the smallest reasons. Sophia didn't question this, and just did what she was told. However, she wasn't aware of exactly who she wasn't meant to talk to, so she ended up just not really making friends with anyone as a child. Whilst she would've loved to have people to talk to, Sophia didn't really mind the loneliness too much.

Her aloofness allowed her to concentrate upon other things, such as her violin practice. Her parents got it as a gift for her birthday, just to give her something to do instead of exploring (which always resulted in her getting lost.) Sophia wasn't too interested in the violin at first, but decided to give it a go, just out of respect for her parents. However, Sophia enjoyed playing the violin much more than she first thought. It took her quite a long time to master, but she eventually became satisfied with her abilities.

Whilst she never went to school, her parents did teach her a couple of basic things. Since her mother was an engineer, she had tried to teach Sophia a couple of basic engineer skills when she was around 14, in case she needed it to defend herself. However, Sophia found it incredibly boring and would much rather learn about healing and supporting magic, like her father has used. Sophia was resistant to her mother's teachings, but her mother insisted she learn; thus, she left Sophia for long periods of time to let her blow off some steam. . She found her violin a good way to cope with her stress, and it only encouraged her to use it to let off her stress. Sophia ended up having to study cleric magic herself, with some assistance from her father.

The village was often used as an outpost by some of the people from the light army, and some of them caught onto the girl's musical capability. Most of them seemed rather impressed by her capability and often praised her for it. Sophia was rather skeptical about their compliments, but was incredibly happy to hear about it - despite acting so modest about it.

However, one of those people really stood out to her. After getting lost for the...goodness how many times, she was found by a new recruited warrior. He seemed incredibly anxious to get back to the village, and they ended up talking for a little bit, and whilst Sophia can't recall much about him, it appeared that he was hopeful to get back to the main kingdom. She asked about it, trying to get as much information about it. He made it sound like an incredibly nice place to live - far nicer than her village, in fact. However, her parents weren't exactly thankful for the poor guy, which greatly annoyed Sophia.

The pair started to communicate on and off for a couple of months, and then he stopped visiting the village. Sophia wasn't exactly too sure of the reason, but she just assumed that he had gone off to another outpost or something. As such, Sophia went back to her violin playing and studying with some ease.

Years later, word of her music got around to the king, and she had been invited, by him, to visit the main kingdom's town in order to assist with a major ceremony within the kingdom. Despite her parent's disapproval, Sophia decided to attend anyway. After all, it would allow Sophia a chance at independence, and would allow Sophia to find out just why her parents hated those who remained close to the light in the first place... right?


Character Name

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Character Name

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Character Name

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Out of all the characters I've ever owned, I think Sophia probably has the most interesting story as to how she came around and developed. Hence, I decided to document it here. Be warned, it's flippin' awful. Like, I seriously doubt anyone would ACTUALLY be interested in this... But you never know~

Note: You don't need to read this for fourm responses, artwork, etc. But if you're interested in Sophia's... Old design, personality, etc... Have fun.

So I'm just gonna say it now, and you better prepare yourself:

Sophia was a "fan-character" for a game called Happy Wars...

Yeah. Happy Wars. You heard me. A free to play game on the xbox 360. In all honesty though the game isn't that bad, it's just that if you want to get anywhere, you gotta pay up. Basically, the same as a good chunk of free to pay games. It's still actually playable today, although it's kinda gone downhill and became a huge clusterfuck, so be warned about that.

Anyway, when I first loaded up the game, I did the tutorial 'n' all and, for whatever reason, I really liked the Cleric class. I mean, my only other options were generic attacker (warrior) and generic ranged (mage), so I decided to main cleric. AKA the healer and builder.

So I ended up customising my characters, because that was probably the best part of the entire game. Now I had a wide range of free, generic hair colour options... Then just blue. Of course I went blue, it was the only option which actually stood out. In fact, everyone had blue hair. I mean, why not? Anyway, I was able to customise three characters per class, and I ended up with three characters which I ended up maining:

My warrior/ berseker - Isabelle
My mage, sometimes Zephyr - Melody.
And Sophia. My Cleric.

I don't know why, but I ended up becoming attached to these characters. And developing them. And oH BOY WERE THEY GENERIC. Melody was a "LOL RANDOM XD" character, Isabelle was... Edgy character? I mean, not really Edgy-Edgy, but still. She wasn't taking anything from anyone. And Sophia's... I don't think Sophia actually had a personality. From these old drawings, the only thing I can really pick out is that she seemed to have no flaws whatsoever. I mean, Melody you could see as being annoying, Isabelle perhaps too serious, but I couldn't see a single fault with Sophia. Or a single shred of personality for that matter... However, Sophia was the one who kinda stuck with me? Probably because she was secretly a self insert, but sshshshshhsh I don't think that was my intention at the time.

A little off the topic, and again, no idea why, but I kinda grew facinated with the story characters? Like, they were painfully generic and had no lore. Well, one character had like one scrap, but that was about it. Anyway, I somehow ended up developing them as how I saw them. It was awful and I think one of them was low key shipped with Sophia like wOW. Plus the story is just... Watching the opening cutscene says it all, really.

Around a year or two passed when I was in this phase. Then I just stopped. I found the game boring, and I just stopped playing. I can't remember if anything happened to Sophia and the rest after that, but I thought that would've been the end... Right?


I don't know why, but sometime I must've drawn Sophia's old design when I got bored in my blank paper book. And when I saw that drawing, I thought "Hm... Maybe I should revisit her..."

As such, I've still retained some of her major traits - such as her blue pigtails. Although I've kinda adjusted them to make them a bit more realistic. Actually that's the only major trait she had. Plus she's still kinda a characters for that game... I think there's something wrong with me please help.

If you managed to get this far, then good job! I've left some old images of Sophia. Feel free to take a gander at them, if you love eye-bleeding colours and horrible art styles. Enjoy!

Card image cap

She stares into your soul...

Card image cap

The amount of shock on her face is... Wow.

Card image cap

"Help my body is trying to abandon me"

Card image cap

"Just flippin' kill her ffs"

Card image cap

She's kinda uhh... Missing her arms...

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Yeah I sometimes drew her as a dark kingdom-er... Don't question it.



Playing the Violin

Hot weather

Being forced to do something
Watching the sky

Playing in the snow
Classical music


  • She rarely leaves without her violin. She keeps it in the case which she carries on her back.
  • She has a pet dog!
    • His name is Jasper, and he's a cinamon chow chow and incredibly protective of Sophia. (General idea of his appearance here~)
    • When Jasper's around, rarely anyone is able to get past him. Sophia often has to try and calm him down when he meets strangers.
  • Generally, Sophia tends to dance solo and her speciality is ballet! However, she would love to have a dance partner someday.
  • Sophia has freckles! However, due to living in a generally cold area, they aren't that visible. However, they are visible whenever she's travelling around a hot place, and she's a little embarrassed by them.

Accepted Headcanons:

  • Living in a cold area, Sophia is very good at making snow and ice sculptures! She even has won a contest once, but is pretty embarrassed to talk about it. ( @Judas-la-Carotte )
  • Sophia is very skilled at making cheesecake. Blueberry cheesecake in particular, she had an old family recipe that's been passed down from her great grandfather. she only makes the cheesecake for her close friends and family and constantly insists she hasn't perfected the recipe yet, she's very cynical to praise about her pastry skills and also has a knack for making pies and tarts. ( @thegalaxySAWfire )
  • Sophia loves playing violin, and she likes to imagine dances to her violin music! Whether it be music she recites or music she creates herself, the perfect dance easily comes to her mind, from the first note to the last. She'd love to dance to her own music, but it's hard to do both. It doesn't stop her from trying! ( classicturtle )
  • When Sophia is playing the violin, it's like she went to another world. She concentrates a lot while playing, being very focused, but her mind is lost on thoughts about unknown lands and adventures. The music she plays kinda control what happens on these worlds, like having quick notes for a scene about someone beng chased, for example. ( gif )
  • Sophia, being as good at the violin as she is, has taken to composing her own songs as well as playing already made ones. A favorite of hers is a bouncy, energetic tune, named "Jasper" for her dog who inspired it. ( @galaxyflowers )
  • Sophia doesn't like to use maps, believing that they "spoil the fun" of discovering new things. ( @LegendaryBlackDragon )