Markus Taufenbach



9 months, 24 days ago

Basic Info

Birth Name

Marie Taufenbach





Sexual Orientation



16.03.1999 (pisces)


Male (Trans)


1,60m (athletic)

dominant Hand


Blood Type





German(native), English(advanced), French(basic)

Hogwarts House


Associated Animal



a short haired Dachshound: Waldo(black)


One of Thomas' lost and found elementary school friends. Known as Marie back then, he was one of Evas many girl friends.

Markus still refers to his past self as 'Marie', in the way one would refer to a fictional character. That was all she ever was, after all - an undercover identity, a mask, a fake ID. How everyone, including Markus himself, took almost eighteen years to crack that egg is a mystery, as Marie was an absolute tomboy and emancipated doesn't even cover her attitude. Thomas was one of the first people to gain Markus' trust, and Markus protected the weaker boy against anyone who dared bully him.

In the current day, Markus is an out and proud trans guy who doesn't give two cents about anyones oppinnion. He's had a bit of a rough time after his top surgery, mainly related to his Mother and a few of her werewolf friends nearly killing him, and some plot related catastrophy following that event. His left (dominant) hand is partially crippled, his right ankle a bit weird, his chest badly scarred. Mentally, however, he's on the up, with his biggest problem now being a secret crush on Eddie he focusses all his insecurities on.

Markus lives alone with his Dachshound Waldo. Micha is the only part of the family he willingly keeps in contact with, though he has a Found Family in Eva and her friends.

He has a popular lifestyle/fashion blog, a smaller pet blog for Waldo and a steady job as a Yoga instructor at Mrs. Schuster's hotel.


Markus is usually pretty chill and fun (plot related extremes notwithstanding). He may be seen walking his dog, jogging with his dog and occasionally running alongside horses when with Thomas at the stables. At home, he may do yoga or chill in front of the TV. Usually out partying on the weekends, may occasionally get drunk. Very flirty, especially with men.

He also likes to cook, dress up nice and just generally take pictures for his blogs, though many of his sponsors shied away after his 'accident'/because of the scars. He's slowly regaining his footing, though.


Yoga pants and loose Sweaters when at home, definitely more fashionable outside. Absolutely owns a rainbow colored hoodie. Likes nice, somewhat gay fashion to the point that he's finally getting in touch with his feminine side (he hated how people took 'Marie' wearing anything nice or feminie as compliance, but loves how it upsets them now). Might even wear subtle makeup. Might wear dungerees or just regular jeans with loose shirts or tanktops, tracksuits for sport, leather when on his motorbike. Still owns some dresses he thought too cute to throw out, but is hesistant in wearing them publicly.


He's pierced for regular earrings, but hasn't worn any since elementary school.

[Note: Amount of body hair fluctuates with moon phases. Roughly more than normal amount at new moon, gets more like fur closer to the transformation.

It should always be visible, but feel free to draw as much or little as is comfortable/fits your style.]