Content Warning

Character Content Warning

This character profile has been marked with a content warning:

This character belongs to Lostpaw!

Do not at all copy, steal, or use this character in anyway!
This means no roleplaying, kinning, or shipping with this character.
Feel free to make gift art, but in no way make gift art that makes me uncomfortable.
Do not include my characters in hate art, porn art, or artwork that has heavy violence.
If I find out, you are using my character(s), I will ask you to stop, but if you continue this sort of stupidity, I will report you and block you!

You may, however, inspire, on this character, but I don't want you to copy them fully (such as design, personality, storyline, etc). You may take a few things from them, as maybe you like a certain thing in their storyline or a certain scar that I added, that's fine, just no full-on copying them.
Same as color-picking, do not color-pick them to make your own character, if you make artwork for me of them, you may color-pick, just not to make a character.

Please also make sure that you know that this character may have any of the things listed below:
*tragic scenes/stories
*rude/dark humor
*scary scenes/stories
*homophobic/transphobic characters
*ableist characters
*pointy objects
*mental illnesses

Please note your consent will be stored in cookies until your session is closed.

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