[AUC] Justice R Suikana



2 months, 20 days ago
Trade Listing
For Sale (Real Currency)
$25 - $100


Adoptable Information

This Reversed Justice Suikana covers her eyes so she can't see what's going on - and this is entirely a choice on her part.  She does not want to see what's happening, so she can just say she didn't do anything because she didn't know.  She also wears mismatched clothing - perhaps as a Justice Suikana this means that she isn't an agent of justice like a standard Justice Suikana would be.

  • Honored Suikana (Rare)
  • One Horn (Rare)
  • Chest Symbol (Common)
  • Standard Element (Common) [Air]
  • Standard Color (Common)

Adoptable Information
  • SB is $25
  • MI is $5
  • AB is $100
  • Auction ends 24 hours after final bid
  • This adoptable requires an account on EvoCrit.
  • This adoptable can be used in the Suikana ARPG world.
  • This character will come with a full profile on EvoCrit.
  • To purchase this adoptable, bid on the page with your EvoCrit username and in reply to the last bid (if there is one).
  • Payment will be facilitated through Square Invoice, Stripe Invoice, or PayPal Invoice.
  • TOS and ARPG information is available through the "Ownership" section.