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Male (he/him)







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December 12th 2022


(screams) i never finished this sory its a wip!!! some of this is copy-pasted from discord convos AA

conspiracist and historian. calls himself an "alley diver" and digs deep into the depths of Catalis' oldest areas searching for lost knowledge on the city's origins. he and other alley divers believe Catalis hides secrets - maybe not sinister ones, but secrets nonetheless - in its ancient original growth buried beneath the modern skyscrapers. Shane's incredibly good at finding stuff - information, people, artifacts; you name it, if you give him even the tiniest lead he can and will track it down eventually (and itll obsessively consume him until he does lol). He's not especially confrontational but can protect himself in a pinch.

he's driven by the love of discovery and the desire to record history. he lives for the thrill of the hunt and the reward of finding what he's after, be it a location, an artifact, a clue, or even a person. he'll spend entire weeks away from home sometimes, if he thinks itll get him favor or deeper into the alleys. he's been up and down and back and forth every inch of subway tunnel and service entrance and hole in the wall that shouldn't be there. this man has slept in the sewer more times than you want to know about

he knows a ton of people - every weird contact he could get his searching claws upon; creepy hermits that live in cellars, elders who have frequented catalis since before the skyscrapers went up, sewer merphins, thieves, archivists, mafia, dealers of substance and information alike, hitmen, vigilantes, silly spinxyn in raincoats that collect and try to sell garbage - and also inevitably runs into all sorts of trouble :v if there's illegal activity anywhere he probably knows about it, though sometimes he has to fight against his morals if he uncovers something that legitimately harms ppl :/ its a part of the profession; if he betrays a contact then he can and will risk getting murked, or at the very least losing years and years of street cred trust, and he cant imagine a lifestyle without his life-consuming hobby

he met his cute boyfriend thanks to his propensity for sticking his nose where it doesnt belong. Regan is an illicit pit fighter and probably makes rent for their household while Shane's off doing whatever it is he's always up to. he worries regan a Lot with his antics but he trusts shane to know how to handle himself.

Shane is quite down to earth despite his hobby; practical-minded and mincing no words. Often on the quiet side in public, though he can come off as a bit intense when his passion bleeds through. He is an aggressive punk with a rigid moral code and is not afraid to speak out nor act out for his beliefs in kindness and inherent rights of comfort, pleasure, and safety.

Social Connections

Kira - little sister. very close with her and shares a lot of the same ideals, but they get up in each other's shit all the time, as you do.
Regan - boyfriend <3 loves him very much and gets real soft around him hehe
Detroit - contact 😎
Beck - unwitting informant. Beck tires Shane out with three hour circular conversations but every so often they actually have perfect, shining observational nuggets that nobody else in their right mind would notice or even bring up

Species - Spinxyn

Spinx are a terribly mischievous type of sphinx native to Nephfei with a deep love for pranks and fashion. They are magicless, unlike the other species of their world - legend has it they pranked the gods and were punished - and thus are very magically malleable. Because of this, spinx can be cursed or gifted with magic and it affects their bodies drastically.

Spinxyn are identifiable by their heart-shaped faces, sloped banana ribcage, and innate desire to cause problems on purpose.

World Context || Nephfei group <3

A modern fantasy world governed by magical gods, Nephfei is home to four sentient species - harpips, centicorns, merphins, and spinxyn. They live together in relative peace aside from some cultural clashes between locales of differing ideologies. The world has been imbued with magic, in all four species and in the earth itself, but spinxyn have none of their own; revoked by the gods, so they say, as an ancient punishment. With tangible deities, Nephfeism is a prevalent religion amongst the inhabitants, and some religious spinxyn see their situation as deserved punishment, while others deny the gods entirely and rally against this unfair treatment.

Nephfei has a good amount of modern-day technology, though its electricity is replaced by magic. Lighting, household appliances, television, games, and the internet at large all exist with relative similarity to the real world. Despite the societal advancements, though, a significant amount of the world's history and inner workings remain shrouded in mystery and magical secrets...

> 5' 10" in cat form

> WIP trivia <3

Abilities (?)
> Goth combat boot object morph curse

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Primary Notes
> pale white widow's peak marking
> no iris, only blue slit pupils
> freckles on his cheeks and across the bridge of his nose
> neck buckles are asymmetric; the buckle is only on the one side, the other is the rest of the strap
> chains are only on one side of his body, but he does have eyelets on both sides

> earrings only in one ear

Other Things
> looong, lean kitty and fairly tall. height next to regan!
> ears are nearly always pointed flat back. the inside is fluffy as seen here!
> when extended, has extremely large, long front claws. back claws are significantly smaller