Basic Info


Porphyra Sigal




Demigirl (she/her, xe/xir, ze/zir)


March 25th










She'll say Lawful Good, but she's really more like Chaotic Neutral.


Space Cop

Job Title

ABSOLUTE COSMIC SHERIFF (no she didn't make that up why would you ask)

Date Created

December 4th, 2015


JUSTICE, doing unjust things in the name of justice, cheesy sci-fi movies made by humans, insects, grape jelly, complicated scenarios, breaking down doors, berry pies, meatballs, bath bombs, winning, the stars, running, conflict, anime, court shows.


Skies where you can't see space, losing, getting shot, being Epically Rused and not being able to get revenge, meat pies, sandy or icy places, having nothing to do, anticlimaxes, stains, having to follow the law while upholding the law.

Favorite Emoji


Secret Wish

To be able to eat crayons.

Favorite Donut



|| - Personality - ||

Porphyra is hot-blooded, energetic, and restless. She's constantly seeking new, thrilling things and won't be satisfied unless she's on some sort of grand adventure. As soon as things settle down she starts to get antsy and irritable again; she's a high-octane person who needs to be in motion constantly.

She's infamous among the Space Police for her boldness and brashness. Even though she's dedicated to stopping troublemakers and upholding the law in the name of justice, she's a notorious troublemaker herself and frequently breaks the law while chasing after criminals. She causes so much property destruction and bodily harm that in most cases it would be better to just let the criminal roam free. Even in minor cases, like taking in someone who ran a red light, she acts with an irresponsible amount of gusto. No one is sure how she still has her job. In fact, she seems to keep reaching higher and higher ranks...

|| - Backstory - ||

From the second Porphyra was born, it was clear she was going to be a handful. She got into fights and all sorts of trouble and responded neither to punishment for her poor attitude nor reward for when she acted appropriately. When she reached her teenage years she joined an intergalactic gang with fellow Cyclopan, Seiten. They became romantically involved, but they were just too different... Porphyra insisted it was spelled "donut" and Seiten said it was "doughnut" and expressed concern that a changing vocabulary landscape was making "donut" accepted as the one true spelling. Unable to overcome this mountainous difference, the two went their separate ways.

Also there was the fact that Seiten quit the gang life to become a baker and the fact that Porphyra's parents shipped her off to the Academy of Intergalactic Peacekeeping to straighten her out, but hey you know whatever. Porphyra was excellent at capturing criminals, rescuing victims, finding and defusing bombs, and many other desired skills, but she had some issues actually following the law herself. This piqued the interest of a certain Underking, who offered her a scholarship at a place called Hell College. She accepted and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice earned by prying it from the cold, dead hands of her foolish foes. And a lot of papers, probably.

How Porphyra wound up being accepted into the Space Police is something of a mystery, considering her record wasn't exactly pure. Since then she's become an uneasily valuable member of the force and is usually kept to Realities where violent crime rates are high. They don't want her bludgeoning petty thieves to death with the purse of the old lady they stole it from, but she's invaluable in combat and has a reckless thirst for danger that's just as useful as it is worrisome.

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

Porphyra is flexible, agile, and has the ability to float temporarily. These traits combined allow her to make incredible jumps and reach inhuman heights. She's pretty good at parkour, needless to say. Her species (the Cyclopans) doesn't breathe and can adjust to nearly any kind of air pressure, meaning that Porphyra can function in space just fine without the need for equipment.

Though she only has a single eye, her depth perception doesn't seem to suffer. In fact, she can see things that are very far away by "zooming in" and she can see through walls and other obstructions.

As a member of the Space Police, Porphyra is trained in combat with a variety of weapons. Her weapon of choice is a cheesy 50s B-movie-esque laser gun.