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21 / Female / Centaur (unicorn) / Enhyria

Once selfish and prideful, Penelope's entire personality changed after she was tortured by malicious demons who tore her arms off. Although she has mostly gotten over the worst trauma of the past, she remains aloof, distant to everyone but her mate Miriam, and slow to trust other people. Likewise she is very anxious and nervous, still suffering from nightmares and the fear of being alone or being attacked again, but she and her wife are working hard on her healing, and she has a small handful of close friends and associates to support her. 

She is rarely seen alone, and usually sticks close to her wife. However, as a remain of her past, Penelope can be awfully curt and straightforward when she is angered, and a bit of her once fiery temper still remains: she can summon great courage in the eyes of real danger if she sees her friends or wife being hurt - and her horn truly is not just for the show. 

  • Created in 2012