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NameAtticus [Redacted]
SpeciesEmphatically Human
SexualityCute Bois
"Genius, Lover, Scientist Extraordinaire"

The most interesting man you'll ever meet...At least, he thinks so. Atticus is an eccentric objectivist scientist with a penchant for birds and chaos. It's unknown where he is actually from, or what his motivations even are. Hard to tell, to be honest. 

He seeks eternal life, believing that he himself deserves it above all others, and will only allow himself to find such a goal without any help whatsoever. His other hobbies include fashion, kidnapping test subjects, flirting with cute bois, self vivisection, and gardening. 

✦ Appearance

Flamboyant, loud, and classy. Atticus has flaming red hair that is far too long and decently curled. He keeps the left side of his hair pulled back, whilst the other tends to hang around his right eye in a swoop. He prefers bright makeup that takes up the area around his eyes and cheekbones, as well as heavy contours and deep red lipstick. Atticus typically wears formal attire, such as tailcoats, waistcoats, cravats, jabots, and silk gloves, but has also been known to wear flowing gowns, candy striper costumes, and, on occasion, burlesque. Gender roles mean absolutely nothing to this man. 

✦ Likes
Cute bois
✦ Dislikes
✦ Backstory

Atticus existed at one point in place where he was born and grew up, with two parents he cares very little about. At a young age he realised that one day he would die. Fearing the inevitable, he sought out a scientific approach to ensure his immortality. 

As a young man he completely disregarded any sort of collegiate path and instead self-taught himself everything he knows. He worked for some time at various labs, but was fired on more than one occasion for 'moral indecency'. Eventually he was sought out by a philanthropist who struck up a deal with him. 

Finally finding a lab space to work on his own, without interruptions or 'morals', Atticus began experimenting on himself and some unlucky, but desperate, volunteers. This lasted for some years before his supply ran out. 

Eventually he discovered something he probably shouldn't have and left. Some time later, he found himself in a place that did not make sense. 

✦ Relationships
Turing 10103375_PPYiakyLXokmbJi.jpgAfter meeting the automaton, Atticus latched onto him immediately, drawn to his appearance and fascinating build. He's quite possessive of this robot, and in turn is highly protective over him.
Despite not fully understand Turing's rather optimistic outlook on life, Atticus is fond of him. Never before now has he wanted to put someone else's happiness before his own...
Manny ONF0i0e.jpgAtticus and Manuel met a long time ago in a place unknown where they relied on one another for companionship. They do not appear to be friends, or even really colleagues, yet sometimes show a rare affection for one another neither will admit to. It's complicated.
Aemh3m9OqX.jpgWas hired by Atticus to act as a bodyguard and Lab assistant in exchanged for lessons and information. He doesn't like her, but seems to see her as competent, which is better than most get. 
MordredSimilar to himself, a shining example of a being. Hopelessly devoted. 
Research assistant and probably his only friend. 
Atticus's former lover. A musician, father and married man. Went out with a bang. 
✦ Trivia
● Does not believe that physics is a real science. 
● Has a fear of drowning and an extreme hatred for masks. 
● Surgically removed his own stomach by himself. 
● Doesn't actually know what's going on most of the time. 

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