The imp.

lighthearted // funny // puckish

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name He just says his name is Loki Age 17 Species Human
Nicknames Loki Birthday December 18, 1989 Gender Male (trans dfab)
Prefers Loki Zodiac Sagittarius Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Wild Dogs Religion Agnostic Sexuality Panromantic demisexual
Group Role Everyone's friend Background Nenets Relationship Status ???
Day Job ??? Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???
  • as his name suggests, he's a big trickster
  • Catband happens a few years before any of the Thor movies, but he does like the comics after a friend showed them to him
  • funny and gregarious, he makes friends with everyone
  • always seems to be smiling
  • a wild child
  • ballsy
  • he's the kind of guy who goads his friends into daring him to do dumb things, and he'll always deliver
  • for example, eating whatever gross food situation you can think of
  • regardless, get ready to lose that bet
  • also the kind of guy who bums loosie cigarettes off strangers
  • and chats them up like he knows them
  • can talk himself into or out of anything
  • legends have been told of his exploits
  • dammit moon moon

Height: 5'1"/155cm Build: Fat
Eyes: Brown Hair: White (bleached), curly
Handedness: Right Style: Casual, funny

Loki is a big boy with a mop of curly white hair (bleached from blond or light brown, I think), an open, mirthful face, and excellent taste in t-shirts. He tends to dress in layers and hoodies, with his jeans rolled up at the cuffs, and silly shirts like the Three Wolf Moon in his ref.

As far as his transition, Loki is currently pre-everything.

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits