Goddess Thyra's Comments

First of all, I really love her hair and accessories! I'm always fond of characters who have flowers on their hair and have long flowy hair. Definitely fun to draw! Moving on to her profile, I like how her curse disables her to look at any mirrors because she's a narcissist. A random comment, but it's just something I'd like to point out because I really appreciate these kinds of small tidbits. After reading her backstory, you really got me curious about how she got banned from Paradise after accepting the God's offer to become a goddess. I really hope I can read more info about her soon if you're still in the process of writing it! I think she's a really interesting character because of her flaws.

I'd like to ask something, if that's okay? How did the God fall in love with Thyra in the first place? Love at first sight or was it something deeper? It's okay if you can't answer this yet! This was just the second thing I was curious about other than how Thyra got banned from Paradise //v//.

OMG I wasn't expecting this! >.< Thank you so much for your words, I can't express how happy i am!

More info will be added soon and also there is the comic itself :D

About the God and Thyra, he has been watching her for a long time and, well, we could say it was also love at first sight. He'd found her interesting and fell in love with her beauty. I really like Greek Mythology and I wanted to give this backstory some of that. I remember that the gods used to fall in love with mortals and stuff, and so i wanted it to be like that. (Does that make sense? )

Then, about her getting banned from paradise, it has to do with her narcissism. There was a small sacred fountain, which magic water would be shared between the gods, because of it's powers (they would stay young and beautiful if they washed their face with it everyday). Thyra coveted it, and didn't want to share it with others, and so, she tried to steal it. She eventually got caught, and exposed and so they had exiled her and they put this curse on her.

I hope that answers your questions! And thanks again for your kind words! Your characters and worlds are really interesting too! And i am a big fan of their designs!

That's so cool! I'd definitely love to see the comic whenever you have it up <3.

Yeah that makes sense :D. I love it when stories mix in humans with gods and supernatural beings, especially with romances. It can get cheesy but it's super romantic haha.

I love the concept of the sacred fountain! So that means that a god or goddess won't stay young if they don't wash their faces with the sacred water? 

Thanks for answering my questions :D. I love finding out more about characters. And thanks for the compliments //v// glad you like my concepts as well <3

Hi again! n.n

You can find the links to my comic on my profile! It is available to read on Webtoons and Tapas!

Also yeah, I liked the idea that Gods and Goddesses need to do that in order to stay young a beautiful, instead of just being like that for the sake of being gods!

I didn't realize that you're already in the progress of putting up chapters! I just read Miraclewish. I'm excited to see what's in store for Angiris now that she's in an unfamiliar world and I'm definitely stoked for the appearance of Thyra as well. I wonder what will happen when these two interact xD. I'm loving the map as well, you really put a lot of effort into this story :D.