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The black vorox, stories have been passed along for years now.  Stories of an unholy and sadistic creature who kills for the fun off it.  Skilled in battle and not above trickery this foe was not one to under estimate.  It was told to all if ever faced with a vorox with the unnatural coloring of deep black to run for the hills, but if you ever found this legendary creature you'll find yourself disappointed, or perhaps relived.
Shadow, the black vorox, is a medium sized forest vorox with a color mutation that has caused his entire body to be black rather than dark tan.  The only exception is a thin line of white underneath his tail.  He has light blue eyes and a white pupil.  Shadow has various scars all over his body, the most notable one being the three claw marks across his left cheek.


Shadow is a nervous and fidgety vorox plagued by his past and actions that were not his own.  Constantly afraid of being attacked on the grounds of revenge, Shadow rarely leaves the safety of the tunnels of the Shyon pack.  While he trusts most members of the pack he still will become withdrawn whenever a new member joins, afraid that they would know of him.  

While Shadow does care about the pack his own fear can cause him to be selfish, looking out for his own safety first.  When put into a stressful situation it is not unheard of for Shadow to panic and lash out, desperate to get away from whatever is frightening him.  There have been many times were others have had to restrain him until he calmed down because he was not thinking straight and could have hurt himself.

Fearful and paranoid, this vorox never wants to be alone.  He cannot defend himself as he is unskilled in battle and it brings up bad memories that can easily trigger a panic attack.  He is often seen around Mountain and never really opens up unless he is with him.  Unfortunately there is one other vorox he has to be near, that vorox being Coal.  Their personalities often clash and it can be difficult for the two to get along but their connection requires that they stay together.


Shadow did not have a mentor and spent the first year of his life along side another young vorox called Flicker.  It was difficult to settle in any place though as glenn and skrall were very keen on capturing Shadow due to his unique coloration. They were not the only ones interested in Shadow sadly and he caught the attention of Shadowed who saw him as a suitable host.  Once he had taken control of him everything became a blur for Shadow.  The next few years Shadow was unable to control his own body and was mostly unaware of the world around him.  Sometimes he would get flashes of things happening, always fights and killing.  He never seemed to see anything other than violence.

As time went on Shadow slowly became more and more aware and his presence became stronger, making it more difficult for Shadowed to keep his hold on him.  He could sometimes get temporarily partial control which could hold him back enough to allow victims an escape.  Although he was extremely stubborn about it, Shadowed eventually decided it wasn't worth the struggle anymore and moved on.

Very injured from past fights and extremely inexperienced despite being well over the apprentice age, Shadow didn't know how to keep himself safe or treat himself.  It didn't help that there were many with lost loved ones out for revenge.  Although he did not commit those murders himself he still felt guilty for them.  When confronted with a vorox seeking revenge Shadow did nothing to defend himself, instead he was very apologetic and broke down, believing that it was truly his fault.  They had expected to find a bloodthirsty killer not a childlike vorox cowering away from them and could not bring themselves to kill him.  Instead they demanded that Shadow left the area and never came back.

The distance Shadow made each day was very small due to his injuries but eventually he crossed paths with Akira.  Shadow didn't want to stay in one place too long, still convinced that Shadowed would be looking for him, plus the idea of being around so many other vorox frightened him.  Although it was difficult, with the help of other members of the pack Akira was able to get Shadow down into their tunnel system to at least be bandaged.  Terrified and confused, Shadow was not an easy patient and many were convinced he was just insane judging by the nonsense he was spewing.  That was until Mountain heard what he was saying and new exactly what he was talking about, he knew Shadowed and knew what he could do.  Although it took a lot of time and effort Mountain was eventually able to get through to Shadow and calm him down enough to get him to realize he would be safe within the pack.

Shadow was a subject in an experiment done by          but all memories of it have been completely wiped.  Coal is a clone of Shadow and the two of them are connected.  They can hear each others thoughts, feel each others emotions and feel each others pain.  Shadow his the stronger of the two and is mostly unaffected by distance but Coal will start to feel ill and unfocused when too far away from Shadow.  The farther he gets the worse the affects.   Coal and Shadow have very different personalities and often do not get along.  It is common for Coal to get extremely frustrated with Shadow and lash out in anger.  

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