Arien Mordred



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  Arien Mordred   

Name : Arien Mordred Gender : Male
Age : 18 Quirk:  Divination & Word Creation
Hobbies :  Writing & Reading
Personality:  - Strong Willed Personality but he's a bit shy and caught up into his own world of books and writing  
when he reading books or novels, he's very focused.
Occupation: Student in U.A High School - Class 1
Hero Name :  NikomedesHeight : 5'9 

About  Divination :
♦ Arien uses his predication  by guidance of the star-lord itself and makes them into theories and use them as tactics, when he uses this he has star-like eyes.
About Word Creation :
  Arien will Speak out a word on his own or any piece of literature and it will create it's own live form but it cannot be anything mythical or complex. 
Abilities :
  • illusions - Arien can makes illusions using word creations but it can be only simple illusions for it takes more times and speed to be formed and able to materialize quickly.  
  • Prediction - He can mostly pin point locations, movements with the use of divination, it can be 50-80% accurate. 
  •  Creative - he creates his own imagery of words and visualizes what he wanted to make. 
Quirk Origination :
» Mordred family has been known for Tactics and guidance against the villains who are against the hero. His parents were well respected novelist. 
» He inherited divination's from his father side and his father taught him how to formulate and drawn out it's power. 
» Their family linage was mostly into strategist, theories, and novelist.
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About Arien :
» He knows that he can't fight well with his quirk and he's worried that he can only to the support classes because of their family linage 
» Despite of their linage, he wanted to forge his own path with his own will and strengths and learn to accept his own weakness. 

Arien's Status :
Power : 5/10
Speed : 7/10
Technique :  8/10
Intelligence :  9/10
Cooperation:  7/10