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  • bugs! I love them so u might spot some bug themes
  • gore/ nsfw 
  • bright colors
  • maybe just spooky stuffs
  • Dont repost or steal my art/ocs! Slight references are ok (maybe picking one or two traits, but not making them look the same!!) and coloring picking is chill!
  • im an adult. Any mature imagery or topics will be marked, but it its your job to read those warnings!


if your a zoo, pedo, racist, trans/homophobe. Ill just block you lmao you‘re gross


  • dm me questions and inquiries abt tos and art
  • ask for pings (not sonas tho)
  • dm offers via dms or comments. Idm
  • draw gift art. Pls thats so nice id be happy lol


  • dm to chat. Pls feel free to comment on my page!
  • be rude or generally annoying = block
  • offer repeatedly on nft ocs
  • Bring up drama. Im not interested
  • kin/rp my ocs or draw nsfw art of underage ocs


  • Uzuvae- bullying/defamation. Now for weird behavior even after blocking. Doesnt stop:/
  • pastelcatto- backing out
  • Pawker- personal, rude
  • Mitsumaeda
  • Tel0din- zoophilia
  • Z3ta- tos break

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