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Gender Female
Age 5
Species Husky
Height 22'' (55.9 cm)
Weight 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)
Sexuality Doesn't Know, Doesn't Care
Alignment Neutral Good

Outgoing . Competitive . Oblivious

Myrtle is a high-energy, athletic husky. She loves friendly competition, socializing, and spending time with her friends. She can be a bit of a goofball sometimes and is often oblivious to things like danger, crushes, or even other's emotions. She tries her best to be there for her friends but admits she's not the best at it and often just gives warm hugs. She loves to play sports, even though some are more difficult for her, she loves to chase things regardless. Overall she is a caring, fun-loving friend who is very loyal and sweet.

Myrtle was born under a Myrtle tree. She was adopted by a hiking couple, who found her alone. She loves her owners greatly and quickly found friends in the suburbs of Turkey Lane, especially one grumpy porcupine, Dorzon. She takes all his mean comments as teasing and constantly defends him, even if he would never admit he enjoys her company, she knows it. They are often seen taking walks together.

Myrtle is an average-sized purple husky. She has long fur on the back of her neck and tail. She has round, pointed ears, a long muzzle, neck, and limbs, and almost always a dopey smile on her face. Her back, forehead, top half of her muzzle, and tail are lavender in color, with a darker back, eye spots, and marking under her eyes. Her ears, legs, chest, belly, and tail underside are warm cream in color. Her paw pads are lavender with dark claws, and wide, green eyes. She often wears a light green bandanna or other accessory around her neck.


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