Khayrat Kadota




"I need a drink. Or two. Maybe more."

Khayrat Carmara Kadota
Khayrat, Khayra
23 years
23rd of July
Trans female
Half elf, half demon (Aazkran)
Chaotic neutral


  • Beer and strong liquor
  • Brawling & fist fights
  • Garnet jewellery
  • Meeting new people
  • Summer & hot days
  • Spicy food
  • Ferrets & weasels


  • Sitting still & activities that require patience
  • All of this "acting like a noble crap"
  • Following rules, being restricted in her freedom
  • Arrogant & fake people
  • Most meatless dishes
  • Being purposefully refrerred to as a male
  • Anyone who talks badly about her family/origin/heritage

Short Introduction

"The child of an Aazkran demon and an elven noble who ran away with him, bringing shame to her house. Khayrat was born and raised in the city of Stormspire, a multi-cultural city populated by many different races. After the sudden death of her mother, Khayrat decided to visit the capital of the Adelan Empire, Chrysafenios, where her mother was born to figure out the part of her heritage she was told so little about."


Khayrat is a very active and energetic person who enjoys trying new things, meeting new people and making memories and new experiences wherever she goes. She loves her freedom and usually refuses by anyone's rules but her own, not at all concerned with the opinions of others for the most part. WHere others pretend to be someone they're not, Khayrat is unapologetically herself, even if others frown upon her.

Hot-headed, bold, temperamental and feisty as she is, Khayrat often times gets into all sorts of trouble. While she's generally very amicable and sociable, she certainly has her enemies who dislike her rowdy nature, views and opinions, or even who/what she is in general. However, since Khayrat does enjoy a good fight, this is rarely a problem, especially when it happens in a bar at 3 AM after one too many drinks.

Khayrat has a good sense of humour and is incredibly loyal to her close friends. She's always up for a good time, whether that is drinking and playing poker into the early morning hours, or going for a long ride to explore.

Design Notes

  • Khayrat has a fairly flat chest. Think A-cups. (She's comfortable with them though & rarely tries to make them look bigger.)
  • She has a fairly athletic build with light muscles, inclduing a six pack.
  • She has small, pointed fangs.
  • Pretty long, thick eyelashes.
  • Has a tongue piercing.


  • Very strong for her size, can throw a lot of taller & heavier people across the room if she wants to.
  • Fluent in Common and Demonic (Aazkran dialect). Also knows bits and pieces of High Elvish, but struggles with speaking it.
  • Her dead name is Decebal Carmaris. The first name was given to her by her father, the second by her mother. Khayrat picked out her own first name, altered her second name to honour her mother, and chose Kadota as her surname on her own as well.
  • Accidentally pierces her lower lip with her fangs quite often.

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