Oh the song of Loreley charms the moon right from the sky. She will get inside your mind, lovely Loreley.
Basic Info

NameLorelei (Lori)
Age 19
Height 5' 7" | 170 cm
Weight123 lbs | 55.8 kg
Gender Female
Species Dainty
Dictionary #CB #55
Ear Type Rabbit (Corrupted)
Hoof Type Cloven
OccupationLacrima Guard
Handedness Right
Design Notes

  • This character is a Dainty, they have hooved digitigrade legs and their stockings cannot be removed or altered!
  • Lori does have boobs, but they're pretty small! She's not very curvy in general!
  • The tips of her fingers are pointed and her hands are SLIGHTLY bigger than human hands!
  • Her eyes glow similar to a glowstick, bright enough to be visible in the dark, but dim enough to not be noticeable in the light.
  • For more info on how to draw her corruptions, read THIS image!

  • Unlike most crossbreeds, Lorelei was not born with her crossbreed traits. Rather, she was corrupted by infected blood that had touched the Blood Tear. The sacred artifact of the Cult of Lacrima.
  • Strangely, the song "Loreley" by Blackmore's Night (quoted in her header) refers more to what the cultĀ did to herĀ than what she has ever done to a person.

Quiet and calculating, Lorelei likes to observe everything going on around her. She plays everything as safe as possible.

She's very sweet and has a kind and optimistic demeanor, though a lot of her optimism was squashed out of her by her induction into the cult. Although she still tries to move past what happened, it's always looming in the back of her mind.

At least... so long as she stays in the cult.


  • Painting (Gouache especially)

  • TBD

Lori grew up on a planet away from Earth. There, she was raised learning about all the planets she could one day find a host in. Sort of a coming of age ritual for her planet. She fell in love with the planet she was taught about called "Earth," and, when it finally came time to visit another planet, she and her friend, Orchid, made a b-line to earth.

Unfortunately, the duo landed their spaceship a little too close to the cave of the Cult of Lacrima. The Lacrima members saw the aliens and, due to their code of ethics, if a new species is discovered, they must test the effects of the stone on them. Lori and Orchid were taken into the cult's sacrificial coliseum and were presented with two humans for them to kill so they could be initiated into the cult. However, Lori and Orchid refused, so the cult locked them in prison. The duo were tortured and kept in solitary confinement for months as the cult tried to convince them both to become initiated, however, after months of refusing, the cult leader had had enough. She took the dainties into the coliseum, gave them each a knife, and told them that if one of them didn't kill the other, the cult would pick one of them to kill at random.

Fearing for her life, Lori attacked. The two fought for a few minutes before Lori overpowered Orchid, killing her. Her blood activated the blood tear and Lori turned into a cult creature.

However, Lori was overcome with grief and guilt over the death of Orchid. She became closed off and stayed locked in her room for months. Until, one day, something in her mind clicked. She knew that the higher ranking in the cult she became, the more likely it was that she could some day leave the cave and escape. So she pulled herself together and pretended to be 100% on board with the cult. All the while keeping her true intentions locked in the back of her mind...


Lilly has always been the most supportive friend to Lori. They met shortly after Lori's initiation and they've been the only things keeping each other sane in the hell that is the Cult of Lacrima.
Sebastian seems to notice how unhappy Lori is, but, while he always seems sympathetic talking to her, he never does much more.
Best Friend
Orchid was Lori's childhood friend. The two thought they shared an unbreakable bond, however, Lori ended up betraying Orchid in the cult, eventually becoming the cause of Orchid's death.
Lori and Mina have always been extremely close. The two were raised together and Mina going to earth herself is part of the reason Lori decided to come down to earth when it was time for her to find a host.