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🦗🎵 CRICKET 🎵 🦗


Genderless, often goes by He/Him. Doesn't really care either way.
Chaotic Neutral
Bug Planet
Never ever trading. This is my son.



      Personality: At first impression Cricket seems like a quiet, innocent gentle giant. He even likes pats on the head. But Cricket is incredibly impish, and irreverent. He will record your voice and play it back to you mockingly. He will play questionable pranks. He will disobey rules. He will make it incredibly difficult to deal with him, on purpose; he wants to be left alone, mostly. But despite the carnivorous nature of his species, Cricket would never hurt someone friendly. If you manage to befriend him, he is deeply protective and surprisingly (for someone who spends hours watching youtube poop) emotionally deep. He plays dumb, but he's incredibly intelligent, with an amazing memory. Despite living on BUG PLANET, Cricket understands how society works...he just chooses to ignore it because he hates authority and mundane schedules. That being said, spending years in a jungle filled with caterpillars the size of trains has made him a little out of touch with the rest of the galaxy.

     Bio: As a Creed, he is a creature formed from the death of a god. Unfortunately he was caught up in the drama of his "previous life", when the god that murdered his previous form found out about his existence. Despite Cricket being entirely different from his progenitor, he was telepathically harassed and threatened near constantly, since he was extremely young. As a result Cricket is mute, despite his species almost exclusively communicating through telepathy. The harassment from the God made Cricket very uncomfortable with telepathy; hearing another voice in his head and the vulnerability of projecting his thoughts to another became deeply upsetting. He isolated himself on a planet filled with giant bugs to pursue his one joy in life; music. Cricket loves to record sounds and play them back on an instrument similar to a midifighter, creating amazingly complex melodies out of insect sounds and movie clips. He can also talk through it if he wants to.

      TLDR: He's mischievous and irreverent. He pretends to not get things, but is philosophical and a musical genius. He is mute, despite having telepathy and communicates through movie quotes on his midifighter. He's a rebel who hates authority so much that he traveled to BUG WORLD where the only authority is a rlly big millipede.

     Appearance: Him big. He is very top heavy (yes his body's supposed to have odd proportions) The yellow parts of his body may glow a bit. His species is normally invisible to mortals untouched by their blood but u can like...ignore that.


  • Music, especially Noise, EDM and Hiphop.
  • Youtube Poop
  • Old Cowboy Movies
  • Playing fart sound effects when someone bends over


  • Telepathy
  • Public Areas
  • Capitalism
  • Gods
  • Himself )-:

- Trivia

  • hes big boy

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