[WIP] Hania Anginn



Hania Anginn

Basics:She/her pronouns. 22 years old. Born December 20th.
Obtained:March 31st, 2017

A mute girl who lives on the planet Nesthea. As there's no established form of sign language where she lives, she instead communicates via gestures, expressions, and by using her ice magic to create shapes or words. She was raised to be a farmer, working hard to support the only people who remain after an apocalypse she knows little about. Unsatisfied with never knowing the truth, when her friend Stefan expressed his intent to take his father's airship to solve the world's mysteries and find out why other scouting teams keep going missing. Confident in her survival abilities and the usefulness of her various skills, Hania insisted on coming along and sure enough is now a keystone member of the group. Despite her diminutive size and harmless looks, she's not the sort of person you want to threaten.

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