Hyejin Choi



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  • 최 혜진

  • Age 26
  • Gender Female
  • Race Korean
  • Job Rapper
  • Sexuality Straight

Hyejin Choi

Hyejin Choi is the mother of Insu Choi. To her fans she is seen as a bad-ass that doesn’t take kindly to those who look down on her. To her son she is tough but the most protective mother. She loves her son and while she enjoys following her dreams, she loves to make sure her son is happy. She can come off as cold to strangers, but really she just isn’t sure how to start conversations. In interviews she’s also a bit quiet. To famous idol Kiki, she doesn’t like her much. They get into small arguments that start because Kiki looks down on Hyejin. Hyejin just finds her bubble tv personality annoying because she knows Kiki is spoiled and bitter.


DoB: April 17th
Origin: South Korea
Height: 5’9
Build: Busty
Demeanor: Mature
  • Tattoos
  • Hip-Hop
  • Street Tacos
  • Short shorts
  • Alcohol
  • Sometimes Kiki











Hyejin Choi was born in Korea and went to primary school but then moved to New York city with her family and stayed there till she turned 20. Her family runs a small chain of stores, with some of her family in America it was easier to move and expand the chain to America. She’s an only child, her parents loved her very much but Hyejin still had her hardships. In middle school some would make fun of her accent, though she made one best friend but he had to move back to Kentucky. She got more involved in high school, joining A Capella, going to football games, and other school events which got her a few close friends and a boyfriend. One night they went to go sing Karaoke and her friend dared her to rap. That was when she learned she loved rap music and got more invested in it. Her high school sweetheart got her pregnant at 16, though he proposed and they planned to marry at 19, he left her before her son turned 2 years old. She didn’t go to college because of Insu and instead worked a bit at her parents store.


Eventually moved back to Korea to help her grandparents run their convenience store in Busan. She helped take care of them and store until she got a callback audition and eventually became a well-known rapper both online and in the industry. She started doing covers of popular k-pop songs. She raps to some of the old 00’s American hip-hop but doesn’t feel confident enough to perform/post it online. She goes on hiatus from time to time so she can be there for her son but her agent will have her work consistently.

Fun Facts

  • It took Hyejin 5 years to get her career going, lots of rejected callbacks
  • She decided for Insu to keep her last name instead of the father’s since they weren’t married when he was born.
  • Hyejin hasn’t had a partner after her ex-fiance. She isn’t sure when she’ll look to date again.
  • Hyejin hates soccer but will still give full support and watch Insu’s soccer games when she can make it.
  • She hated A Cappella because of how hard it was but powered through it because her parents encouraged her to stay.
  • She takes some college classes online so she can start working in case her dream job comes to an end.


[ Son ] Insu loves his mom and doesn’t mind her being busy because he knows that when she does come home, he’s smothered with love. Though he does get annoyed by her being overprotective.



[ Frenemy ] Kiki is a famous idol but her style of music is the complete opposite of Hyejin. Kiki felt indifferent towards Hyejin because of her “mistake” as a teenager. Though they both do get along when it comes to new famous rappers/singers that are teenagers and those teenagers try to one up them. They also both go out for drinks (Hyejin gets soda or water but snacks on the peanuts) and just vent a bit on how old they feel



[ Make-up Artist ] Hyejin’s favorite make-up artist. Usually vents to her when Kiki is giving her trouble or if the stress of being a rapstar and a mom gets to her.