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Basic Info

Real Name

Dorothy (dont have a last name yet)






7 ft


very heavy

Place of Origin



Doesn't really care, uses she/her mostly


Bisexual, Aromantic



Dottie was a sinsona initially then became her own thing. Sinsona meaning a persona some friends and I made together to draw smut of because we were all horny bastards. 


Dottie is the daughter of high-ranking powerful demons. Her mother being like a ruthless CEO and her father a ferocious mafia boss, they are divorced. However, their harsh natures seem to have missed their only daughter entirely. Dottie is reluctant to follow in either of her parents' footsteps and assume the role that she was born into, that of lording over other demons and basically involving herself in demonic politics. Boooooo-ring. (in Medieval England, shed be a duchess. In Homestuck trolls, shed be indigo blood)

Dottie avoids her parents as best she can by hanging out on the surface world, partying. She crashes on couches and sleeps around as much as she pleases. She loves how intimidating and cool she is to mortals and relishes in how cute they are. She is sweet and gentle to those she really likes (unless they specifically tell her she can be rougher). It's hard for her to remember how fragile humans are sometimes. She is very protective over the weak and has no tolerance for those who would do harm; she steps in and defends people a lot. Luckily with her size and sharp teeth, it doesn't take much effort. 

Dottie likes being reckless and loud, she parties hard, and then naps for like a whole day. She snuggles up to people and purrs like a cat, which would be cuter if she wasn't so dang big and heavy. She's very sweet and physically affectionate, however she just isn't one for romance. Dottie just likes having lots of friends she can cuddle or bone down with. She doesn't like being tied down very much. 

She's smarter than she lets on, able to judge people's true intentions pretty accurately. She's also actually really good at math. People assuming she is just a dumb bimbo is her greatest pet peeve.

Friendship with Rosie

It was late one night during Rosie's college days. Rosie was coming back to her apartment from the library, she found an intruder passed out on the floor. The person turned out to be someone she thought was a classmate since she had seen her so much on campus, but the 7 foot tall demoness on her floor was just a party girl. Rosie found that the girl's name was Dottie, and had stumbled in thinking it was someone else's place. Dottie offered that she'd buy them some pizza to make up for it, and being sick of ramen noodles, Rosie agreed. Rosie didn't think Dottie would stay longer than that one night but... she kept coming over. Luckily usually with some kind of edible or monetary gift. Eventually they just kind of became good friends and roommates. Dottie was pretty savvy in magics and was able to help with some of Rosie's Demonology courses, and Rosie was a lot more calming and chill than a lot of Dottie's other more rambunctious friends. She liked that about her. Dottie gave Rosie the star necklace she always wears around her neck, and Rosie got Dottie her tongue piercing.

Dottie helped Rosie come back out of her shell a little. She learned Rosie was bullied as a young girl for being fat and for having a larger bust at a young age, putting her into the shell in the first place. Dottie was outraged, and desperately wanted to help Rosie regain her confidence.  She encouraged her to dress more fashionably or wear make up. Rosie never really thought about that kind of stuff before and it did help with her confidence a lot! For the first time in her life she felt fine about being chubby, even feeling sexy. Dottie cares for her a lot, and wants Rosie to be the bad ass bitch she knows she can be.

Physical Abilities/ Attributes

Has some minor shapeshifting abilities, can shift away her wings, change the length of her tail, and can make herself appear human. She can't change her physical size very much, so she still turns heads, but not as much as a gigantic green lady. Part of her shapeshifting abilities is being able to switch between having a penis and a vagina. She has a penis most of the time though. 

Demons have a natural knack for magic, Dottie is no different. Most of her magics consist of summoning fire, prestidigitation, and illusionary magic. She hardly uses it though and is out of practice.

Dottie is incredibly strong, able to lift over twice her weight with little effort and can kick a hole in concrete. She has retractable claws that are razor sharp. Dottie doesn't like to fight against mortals because it is far from a fair fight. She doesn't mind sparring too much with other demons/monsters, but is definitely more of a lover than a fighter.