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NameBerryMain WeaponOctobrush
Fav modeRainmaker & Turf WarRaceInkling
Berry is an optimistic and outgoing inkling, who enjoys spreading a good mood. Similar to Melon, she prefers to keep a smile instead of being gloomy when her squad is hit by a losing streak, claiming personally that "she would rather dance in the rain than wasting time while waiting for the sun". However, she still worries about her friends getting demotivated after a bad run, as she'd hate to see her squad break apart again. Just like Jo, she has been part of rather successful squad in the past, which disbanded due to "reasons". In the past Jo and Berry had a friendly rivalry going on, which actually led to them becoming close friends.

Like Jo, Berry is one of the more experienced members of their squad and serves as its leader (she shares this spot with Jo more or less though). She likes to switch weapons and playstyles often depending on the battle type and map, though she claims herself that her main weapon is the Octobrush. In battle she focusses on taking out the enemy to buy her friends time to cover as much turf as possible. In ranked matches she enjoys Rainmaker matches the most, supporting Jo as some sort of bodyguard while he is carrying the rainmaker forward.

Berry enjoys fooling around every then and now. If she spots a squid party she will join in every time, and sometimes Jo and Lime catch her while writing messages with her brush on uncovered turf instead of focussing on the match. She is in for the fun, winning is nice, but she likes to keep it not too serious. Turf wars are her hobby and her passion, and she fears that being too serious about it might lead to being frustrated at some point, so she decided to keep it casual.

Berry has an Octoling stepsister named Kiwi, which is a little younger than Berry. Outside of battles the two of them spend a lot of time together in the testing area where Berry gives Kiwi some tips on turf wars. The bell bracelet Berry is wearing was a lucky charm gift from her stepsister, and it's Berry's most precious treasure. If not hanging out with her stepsister, Berry enjoys hanging out with Jo playing video games or spending time with Melon and Lime and Booyah Base, trying on new gear. Jo often states that Berry has the weirdest fashion sense of all inklings, which Berry shoo's off with a grin. Personally she claims that she's simply sticking to clothes that are comfortable, even if it makes her look weird or funny.



  • goofing off with other Inklings and Octolings
  • teasing Jo in a friendly manner
  • fried snacks


  • conflicts and lengthy discussions
  • getting too serious about winning and losing
  • cold weather

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