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Cafuné Sultana

Cafuné Sultana
23 years
Female (She / Her)

Design Notes

5'10. Wears mainly dark or cool colored clothes.

She wears a crop top under her cardigan, but its often covered up. She has a naval piercing.

Stands very relaxed, not serious at all. Often bends down to speak to Paars. Lanky.










Staying still



Greatest Strength

Somehow, Cafuné has amazing luck and good things come her way or keep her out of trouble she gets into. She isn't good at many things, but if its a physical strength, she is pretty decent at skateboarding and basketball.

Greatest Weakness

She's frankly not the brightest in intellect, barely passing school but the material never stuck because it wasn't interesting to her. She also seems to be weak around cute girls, especially those shorter than her, getting distracted flirting(like Johnny bravo😑...)

Arlyne (Current)
Arlyne (Birthplace)


A childhood hobby she still relies on today, partly to impress girls with ollies, but also because she never learned to drive...

Binge watching

When she gets hooked on a series, she will finish it quick or in one long sitting late into the night. Certainly bad for her sleep schedule.

Getting pierced

She's got piercings on her naval and her ears(but doesn't wear earrings much). She likes the look either way, and wonders if she can get some unique piercings like on her tongue or her lower back.

Positive Traits

She really is someone who cares a lot about others even if it isn't immediately shown or she fights often with her loved ones. In the most dire moments she truly straightens up her composure and takes responsibility, like caring for others when sick or sticking around when others feel stressed. She's not a hugger but she'll hold someone's hand at least.

Neutral Traits

She's heavily dependent on others to get anywhere in life. Her mother Freya technically spoiled her as a kid and even gave her a job as an adult. Cafuné also would prefer not to do things unless a cute girl asks her, so she's very stubborn...

Negative Traits

Her attitude is terribly blunt. Whenever she argues with Freya, she always has a comeback for every single line. She always wants to have the last word. She can be jumpy or restless so things like being grounded always lead to her running off anyway...


Others' Perception

Loved Ones

Her family loves her even if love isn't a word they ever say. She once said it to Freya as a kid and she's never forgotten it. Even when they fight, hate isn't a word that's used.


Coworkers don't treat her that bad even if her mother got her her job, because she deals with Freya every day and she's more of a boss in life than a mother.


Some think she's too rude, and a handful of girls think she's like a pathetic playboy.

Cafuné was born into a large family, one that didn't intend to have children in the first place. Constantly fighting with her siblings, having ther things tampered with, not relying on her parents, she decided to leave the household early on. She had no one to turn to, considered a reckless and selfish child, so when she made the choice to leave she couldn't turn back. Because of such an impression, she figured she made another reckless decision, that no one would want a useless child around, another mouth to feed. Even then, she'd come across Freya, a medical student at the time.

Freya was a sharp eyed woman, stoic and untalkative, but she approached Cafuné seeing as the child sat alone in a restaraunt. She didn't see anyone pick her up for a while, doing her own medical homework with time to kill, and when closing hours approached it looked concerning. She took her in for the night, but given her difficult household, Freya was aware she had no where to go. Becoming attached, she adopted her. Cafuné saw the process was lengthy and took time out of Freya's day, but to go through all that effort to have her around, she felt grateful for it. Freya became her mother officially, and from that moment Cafuné was a happy child, someone who smiled often and had someone special at her side.

Freya began to grow busier with her work as she finished up her schooling, working towards starting her own business. Cafuné continued her life as a student, looking forward to spending the summer with her mother, until Paars came into the picture. She knew Freya meant well in taking in another child, but when Cafuné became an older sister, her personality began to sour. As they grew up, Paars was a tricky kid who often blamed or set her up, who messed with her belongings, and who got in between the dynamic Cafuné shared with Freya. While the family grew and looked prosperous, Cafuné couldn't help but feel neglected again.

Without a doubt, the two siblings got along every once in a while or played together, but their gap in ages and milestones in life was a big one. Paars was considered a "gifted" child, smart, and had Freya as a stepping stone even if his birth mother passed away. Cafuné had a family before, but one that wasn't so good, and she wasn't the best student no matter how hard she tried at first. Not expecting much out of herself, she slacked off in school, at least taking Freya's offer to work for her when she finished. Freya figured if her now difficult daughter was going to learn anything about maturity, she'd teach her in the workforce like adults do.

Cafuné works in Freya's company as something of an assistant even if her demeanor isn't the most professional, organizing her schedule or going out for errands often. It's certainly taught her a lot of organizational skills, but her personality remains the same, childish when she goes back and forth with Freya every once in a while. Even so, she does get along decently with the others in the workforce, especially with her childhood friend Souria who she had Freya employ.

In the future, Cafuné doesn't know what she intends to do. More than a dream job, more than a hobby, she simply wants to have someone around who understands her well enough. Technically Souria fits into the picture, but Cafuné feels she should still work towards accomplishing something in the meantime since Souria is ambitious on her own. Cafune didn't have the best grades, she could immediately get a job after graduating without having to stress in college. She's aware she's spoiled, a crude person that only got Freya's attitude than skills, but she still wants something she can be proud of herself for. As she continues to work, perhaps taking over Freya's work in the future would be sufficient if she sets her mind to it.

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∙ As flirty as she tries to be, if its reciprocated she will blush easily. Will flirt with others to get free food also.

∙ Worst eating habits, eats a lot of junk food and sometimes forgets to eat.

∙ Will sit down with her back hunched, hands clasped, and legs apart. Looks very unsociable...

∙ Smells like a pineapple.

∙ Bi but definitely leaning towards girls. Standards are low for them, while standards are high for boys.

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