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Name: Ed

Nicknames/Alias: Ed, Kiddo, Edboy



Sexuality: Doesn't have much of a preference.

Nationality: American.

Occupation: freeloader.

personality: Trusting, curious, mischievous, underdog, friendly

he's not a leader type at all but will follow and act on others actions, easy to befriend.

despite his lack of speech, he gets his point across in big gestures, sometimes making him overly animated, wearing his heart on his sleeve. when around people he knows he slows down a bit and acts more on smaller nudges and sometimes just types out what he wants to say on his tablet or phone.

likes closeness, hugs, cuddles, things he didn't receive much of as a kid. He's touchy, holds hands, grabs faces, wants attention.

acts stoic if he feels wronged, but has a terrible pokerface. is never long term angry.

New Tamarack:

In short. Ed is sort of immortal.
He still gets scars and gets hurt, but he blanks out and doesn’t remember the more serious or life threatening times anything happens. 

His body is used as a sort of viewport into our dimension by a non-euclidean entity, it keeps him somewhat safe, it doesn’t let him die and regenerates his body if needed.

Being a host makes him age slowly, but also if he gets hurt beyond repair, it pulls a copy of him out of time and puts him back, often a little younger, either by a few minutes, months or a few years, depending on the damage.

Ed is also blissfully unaware of all of this.


Ed's biological father was a cult leader who believed he could channel and control people's life essence. He was charismatic and sort of insane,

Using Ed's mother who was the entity's original host, as a way to show his followers that he could heal any wound but only when someone was 'a believer in the true faith!' When in truth, Ed's mother, while still endlessly in love and devoted to this charlatan, was being healed up by the entity, it saw fit to jump ship once she got pregnant. Making a bit of a notch in the cult leaders plans when she suddenly stopped healing..

Ed was born into a strange time, the cult had shifted to be more of a doomsday cult, and from when he was very young he was used as a ritual sacrifice, getting his throat slit on a regular basis messed up his ability to talk. 

He looks younger than he is.
The poor thing is a little bit stunted, did not have a very stellar childhood.

Until he was rescued that is.

John found Ed after he sensed that there was something unearthly and strange going on in the desert, being keen on god-murder, Jd decided to investigate, invade and kill the potential host before whatever godlike entity could amass enough power to become a threat to him.

He Initially thought it was the cult leader who was the host, but after disposing of the leader and the hostile followers, the strange feeling of awe mixed with dread you often get around gods didn’t vanish. After a bit of searching, he found Ed locked up in a closet.  

John thought for a split moment about just killing him, but he decided against it, finding another immortal is rare. finding a child immortal is even rarer. 

So instead of more murder, he carried the small boy out of the building, letting him wear his motorcycle helmet to avoid Ed seeing any of the carnage on their way out.

John then torched the 'church' and drove ed the nearest town to buy a sidecar for his bike and some warmer clothes and food for the youngling. 

Ed quickly warmed up to JD on the trip home, a little kindness going a long way, and JD pretty much showed up and saved him from getting hurt and JD taking a bit longer to check into motels and diners instead of just hightailing it back to new tamarack asap.

John isn't the best with adapting to having a child. He's selfish, he thinks business, but he tries his best, and occasionally bribes his secretaries to help him when it comes to things like clothes and keeping him entertained. 

Ed now lives in New Tamarack with JD, he’s almost invisible, having no real papers or paper trail, the few he has are fake, and he rarely carries ID. 

While John Doe doesn’t mind the center-stage and the spotlight of fame, Ed shys away from it and prefers being incognito. 

He likes relaxing in the penthouse apartment, playing videogames, having friends over, snuggling up to watch movies, just doing things he never got to experience when young.

Notes: (you dont need to read these, its for me) 

'Adopted' out of a nevada deathcult by John Doe at age 5.

Instead he found small ed all bandages and tears locked in a closet, decided to keep him after realizing that what he was sensing was Whatever Ed is hosting.


 driving to the nearest town to buy a sidecart and some warmer clothes for the youngling. 

Ed quickly warmed up to JD on the trip home, JD taking a bit longer to check into motels and diners instead of just hightailing it back to new tamarack asap.

Vast Space: 

Ed is an abductee who lives in space. He was picked up by a science vessel after crashing his car, the aliens patched him together but got hijacked by a smuggler ship before they got to start any experiments.

The smugglers wanting rare species from non space faring systems to sell on the black market. 

But they got on the radar of the Galactic police and got chased down. To avoid punishment, they dumped the cargo mid-warp when the law enforcement showed up, hard to prove they have done anything wrong if you don't have any evidence.

The dimension that ships jump through when they warp, contains lots of mysterious and massive creatures. but a warp jump is short enough that you don't notice them and they rarely notice you. But when you're dumped in there, these massive eldritch horrors are bound to notice you, and they find you highly interesting.

Ed was found by a huge galaxy sized warp creature, that kept him in stasis till another ship warped nearby and it plopped him in there. (this took a few hundred years minimum, with the chance that something warps near where it's keeping Ed and if it reacts fast enough to put him safely onboard)

When he suddenly appeared on the space cruiser it caused a LOT of chaos and panic, sudden worry about diseases and confusion about where he came from and what he was, since humans have long since moved on from planet earth. He got inoculated, and let loose on a nearby space station. Where he does his best.

His neckwound makes talking difficult, he is pretty much mute. Not that talking English does much to alien creatures. He gets by with gestures and pointing at things.

He has remnants of the contact with the warp creatures living in his mind, he isn't aware of it, but they are protecting him from harm in trade for using his body as a porthole to peer into our domain, and to take over his body if they see ways to open bigger rifts in space. Ed is unaware of this.

they keep him safe. he doesn't die from eating things that might harm him, and if the trauma goes overboard he blacks out and doesn't come to before his body is painless once more.