Mina Bhramana




Mina Rupaka Bhramana (মীনা রুপক ভ্রমণ, 1992-current)

Mina Rupaka Jadia (মীনা রুপক  জাদিয়া,  From second Husband, Late 1800s?)
"Mina Messenger" During Governess years
Meena Rupaka Hurkaru (মীনা রুপক হুরকু , from first Husband, early 1800s? Surely she choose रूपका herself ? )
Meena ??? (Has she ever mentioned an original family name?)

is an elastic woman (boneless, if you will), a Dalit of a  scheduled tribe of scheduled caste member of the "Other Backward Castes" in Jharkhand, India.

Mina is significantly older than her face makes her look - the very infrequent statements placing her birth somewhere between 1605 and 1720, during the Mughal Empire. Her light grey hair certainly wasn't the color she was born with - even if her light grey irises were. Her face is no exception to her stretchy skin, though, so she tends to behave the age people interpret her as. Her niece gets another grandma. The idiot cat-caller on the street? Too aggressive and he'll get somthing.

She is currently married, but her husband Uddyam - not her first - works with a touring tent (movie) theater, which keeps him away for post of the year. He at least writes home, sends most of his earnings. Both were glad neither really wanted children after their arranged marriage. Extended family was enough.

Mina is a saree weaver, using a hand loom. While one might think her capable of some rather elaborate patterns, being able to manage each thread - and she is capable of it - it is a lot quicker to weave and sell local commodity patterns.

The past few years, Mina has tried to participate in local yoga competitions, but been refused - except by occasional special invitation, which means she's not actually competing. Which, incidentally, means she never wins any recognition, or progresses to larger competitions. Supposedly because her seeming lack of bones is more a monstrosity than a talent - certainly not because of her caste. Or not being Hindu.


Emotionally, Mina tries to be pleasant but reserved. She's done all the stupid stuff she can think of. She's attracted all the fame she cared to have, and lost it all in subsequent generations.  She calls cell phones "wireless phones" and understands that society advances faster than she can keep up with it. So it's better to blend into the background then attract ire, or the wrong attention. Usually.


Mina's powers somewhat mimic those of Ms. Incredible/Elastigirl of The Incredibles, Or Kamala Khan of Marvel Comics. Four? notable variances being;

  1. Her hair - 5m of it, normally in a single strand braid- is not really effected by her stretching. It not getting shorter (read: cut) unless there's an emergency, and it's been decades since there's been anything that merited it. 1/2m bangs? those might be due for a cut.
  2. Her stretching doesn't - and can't - significantly change her mass. She's been about 55kg since India switched to metric. If she appears to shrink or grow, there's some misdirection going on. 
  3. Her eyeglasses are not for looks. Her Collection of eyeglasses has many different prescriptions - at best she has to swap monthly, and potentially will see what works best after any time a stretch effects her face. A certain pattern of damage persists from over a century ago.
  4. Certain stretches that require skin to cover a lot more area temporarily leave stretch marks on her skin - looking like the stretch marks that can happen to much less elastic skin. These can be somewhat disguised by emulating bumpy or rough textures (like snake scales can distract the eye). If such elongated dimensions are held for a few hours, these eventually diminish.

Mina is in Noncompetitive.