Dehaa Turquois



7 years, 4 months ago

Basic Info

Full name

Dehaa Turquois / Dehaa Blacquois when married






22 - ?? (depends on timeline)


7th July





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Present moment

Dehaa is a gardener in the flower-full town of Lemidae, in a Pokémon fan region, Misrea. He has survived skin cancer and a couple of abusive relationships, and met Vuk, who finally seems like a guy he can peacefully settle down with. However, his faithful sigilyph Kykro, who has seen Dehaa struggle through his past relationships, is now very wary of men and doesn't want to accept Vuk in their life. Another issue is Dehaa's little brother, Dharaa, working for the region's mafia, who as well hates all of Dehaa's boyfriends out of habit, and Dehaa's flatmate Kathleen, who has developed some feelings of her own towards him.

Future au

In the future, Vuk and Dehaa have formed a family together in Lemidae. Dehaa has abandoned his job as a private gardener and has a flourishing hybrid flower business of his own. Vuk works as a swimming teacher. When they got married they conjoined their surnames, as Dehaa's family had abandoned their son and Vuk wasn't too fond of his roots either, making a whole new family, the Blacquois'.
With stem cell technology the men have been able to get four kids of their own, Dvasee, Unsa, Dihim and (still unnamed).

As their fourth child is born, Dehaa's skin cancer relapses and he ends up 1) losing his right arm 2) dying (depends on AU). The family saves up to get Dehaa a synthetic arm later on. This part of the future is still a bit less thought of.


Dehaa appears kind and a bit worried/anxious at first. He's 173cm tall, and not very broad-shouldered though not slender either. As a gardener his work isn't very physical, and his genes don't allow him to be very muscular either, so his "heaviness" will vary depending on his eating patterns and stress levels.
The gardener's eyes are bright blood red but still have a calm and kind look in them. A bit funnily shaped, poofy-from-the-back hair is pale, dirty lavender. Other notable features in his face are the big, outwards curved nose and the rash which covers his entire nose and parts of his cheeks. The rash seems to be affected by Dehaa's stress levels; it gets better on the calmer days and worse on the stressful ones. The rash inflicts a stingy burning pain, especially when touched. Dehaa also has a distinctive mole under his left eye.

For his clothing, Dehaa is very fond of bird-prints and practicality. He doesn't follow fashion at all and mostly chooses his clothes to fit his messy gardening job and the fairly hot weather of Lemidae.


Dehaa greets new friends with kindness and hospitality, though he may also seem nervous and a bit all over the place. He wants to leave a good first impression but ends up stressing it too much, so he often comes out a little awkward.
In general, Dehaa enjoys calm and well-mannered atmosphere. Taking care of his garden and pokemon, reading educational books and being a decent neighbor are his hobbies. People who stand out a lot or make a scene out of themselves won't get his attention or if they do, it won't be very positive. As a teenager he never went out partying and the idea still seems a little out of place for him, as he was always the "bird nerd" and quite honestly, still is. Alcohol isn't a problem to him though and he doesn't need a special occassion to drink.

Bird/flying pokemon have been Dehaa's passion ever since he was a little boy. His family had a sort of "bird house" where wild flying pokemon could take shelter and feed, and he has been taught into a sort of "flying pokemon are superior"-mentality by his parents. Even though the man is scared of a lot of things, like swimming for example, flying isn't a problem to him at all. Dehaa trusts his pokemon whole-heartedly and even if he was to fall from high distances, he's sure his pokemon would catch him. He also rides a Dodrio with confidence.

With a grim past, Dehaa's prone to depression and anxiety from time to time. Certain triggers may get him to lose his good mood and he isn't too hesitant to show his feelings. Dehaa has been a subject of guilt-tripping many times in the past, so he'll easily blame himself for the things people have done to him. He's also anxious about his cancer relapsing. It's fairly easy to make him happy again though, as Dehaa's very receptive to comforting. Leaving him alone won't do him good.

Dehaa doesn't like dirt or pokemon that are like the opposite of flying pokemon. Fish pokemon and ground pokemon make him cringe, and he can be pretty speciesist towards these pokemon and their trainers. Especially Digletts and Drilburs (and their evolutions) in his garden (or anywhere to be honest) can make him literally scream and dig out his pesticide bottle. Dehaa won't hesitate to kill these "disgusting pests", as long as they're not anyone's own pokemon.
Any sort of dirt is not welcome in Dehaa's house. He keeps his apartment in a pristine condition and will usually vent out his frustration, anger and anxiety by cleaning diligently.